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How to use Qizi Turbidity Brightening Oil?

1. After washing your face, apply a hot towel to your face to fully open your pores. Then put an appropriate amount of hot water in the washbasin, add 2 drops of neroli essential oil, and fumigate your face with steam containing neroli essential oil.

face oil skin care routine

2. When taking care of your skin, every time you apply the lotion, put a drop of neroli essential oil into the lotion and mix it well. Be careful not to use too much because the essential oil has high purity and is highly irritating. Too much will only backfire and hurt your skin. You can’t drop essential oil directly into the whole bottle of lotion, because it is impossible to accurately determine how many drops of essential oil a bottle of lotion needs. Essential oils are substances that are easy to evaporate and deteriorate, so don’t pour out all the essential oil. So it is recommended to add a drop of wine every time you use the lotion, which is not only convenient but also ensures the quality of skin care.

3. For the preparation of whitening face oil, use 10ml of base oil to drop 4 drops of neroli essential oil, and add 2 drops of rose essential oil at the same time. Because rose essential oil has excellent moisturizing and anti-aging functions, the effect will be better when used together.

Do you still need to apply face oil after applying the moisturizing cream?

It depends on the individual skin condition and needs. If your skin is moisturized enough and the moisturizer is already able to provide enough moisture and nourishment, then there is no need to apply the face oil again.

But if your skin is very dry and needs more moisturizing and water-locking effects, you can apply a layer of face oil after the moisturizer to enhance the nourishing effect.

The face oil is able to form a protective film, preventing the loss of moisture, while providing additional nourishing ingredients to help the skin better restore and maintain moisture balance.

The best practice is to adjust and try according to your skin needs, and choose the skin care steps that suit you.

What is the face oil in medical institutions

Face oil is the most important step in basic skin care. The active ingredients such as whitening and anti-aging in face oil can be better absorbed by the skin.

Face oil can be divided into two dosage forms: oil in water and oil in water. The former is easy to absorb and is more refreshing, while the water in oil type is not easy to absorb and will feel greasy when applied. Face oil mainly has several effects of moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging. You should choose according to your facial skin characteristics.

Can face oil remove redness?


Face oil refers to daily chemical nourishing skin care oil.

A face oil that suits you can not only moisturize the skin by using the principle of oil locking water, but also achieve the purpose of anti-aging. Different types of face oil will have effects such as removing acne scars, calming, and repairing skin damage. Face oil can also be used as a night serum, so as to avoid too many Ruga skin care products.

Face oil is not thicker and more moisturizing, nor is it lighter and less prone to acne. Do a good job of hydrating before using face oil (to prevent long closure). Don’t worry about the shiny face, a face oil that suits you can be completely absorbed by the face overnight. It should be noted that some colored face oils will stain the pillow towel. Store the face oil in a dry place away from light

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