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How to use pmpm essence water milk?

First water milk and then essence oil, first cleanse your face, use cleansing cream, then use toner, then you can apply essence oil, then apply light cream, with these six steps you can complete a basic facial care.

am pm skin care routine

You can also use it after toner, before essence and cream. Generally speaking, you can mix it with essence, and then use it after evening, so that you can absorb it more

Skin cream c cream pm milk. Order of use?

Skin care order: 1. Cleansing, 2. Essence, 3. Cream, 4. Sunscreen. If you are used to or like it, you can add a skin care water or makeup water (but it is not necessary. The makeup water and skin care water mainly play the role of infiltrating the keratin to promote subsequent absorption. After washing the face, the keratin has been infiltrated and has the same effect before the face dries.

The first step to clean; an amino acid cleansing that suits you. The large oily skin can be used once every two days with a mild soap-based cleansing. The dry skin can be washed with water in the morning and the amino acid cleansing in the evening.

The second step essence; choose the essence with corresponding effects such as whitening, anti-aging, acne removal, repair, etc. according to your own needs. The large dry skin can also use essential oil.

The third step is to moisturize; a face cream is recommended for dry skin, and a lotion or a light face cream can be used for oily skin. You can use one face cream lotion. If you use it superimposed without pimples and heaviness, you can use it as you like.

The fourth step is sun protection; pure physical sun protection is recommended for sensitive and dry skin, chemical sun protection is recommended for oily skin, and physical and chemical mixing is recommended for high-power sun protection. Sunscreen should be applied in sufficient quantities, one pea size at a time, and high-power sun protection can be applied thinly.

The correct way to apply pmpm wet compress?

1. Cleansing the face: First wash the face with cleansing products to ensure that the face is clean and allow the skin to better absorb essential oils.

2. Remove the mask: Remove the mask, unfold it and gently stick it on the face, so that each area can stick to the mask as much as possible.

3. Apply essential oil: Apply PMPM essential oil to the mask and gently massage for a few seconds to ensure absorption into the mask. The amount of essential oil should be appropriate, do not overuse.

4. Apply mask: Apply the mask to the face and wait for 15-20 minutes. If your skin is more sensitive, it is recommended to shorten the application time during initial use and observe the reaction of the skin.

5. Remove mask: After 15-20 minutes, wash the face thoroughly with water. Do not rub hard to avoid damage to the skin.

6. Use other skin care products: After applying the mask, you can use other skin care products for secondary maintenance.

In short, the steps of applying PMPM essential oil to the mask are relatively simple. First clean the face, apply the mask and then apply the essential oil. After 15-20 minutes, wash the face with water.

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