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How to use Panda Morning C Night A?

Panda Morning C Night A is a skin care method. Use vitamin C products in the morning and vitamin A products in the evening to achieve whitening, antioxidant, fading fine lines and other effects. The specific use method is as follows:

night skin care routine with vitamin c serum


Cleanse the face: Clean the face with warm water to ensure that the face is clean.

Use vitamin C products: Apply an appropriate amount of vitamin C products to the face and gently massage until absorbed.

Sun protection: Use sunscreen to protect the skin from UV damage.


Cleansing the face: Clean the face with warm water to ensure that the face is clean.

Use vitamin A products: Apply an appropriate amount of vitamin A products to the face and gently massage until absorbed.

Apply night cream: Use night cream to moisturize the skin.

It should be noted that when using Panda morning C night A, be careful not to use vitamin C and vitamin A products at the same time, so as not to cause irritation to the skin. In addition, when using vitamin A products for the first time, there may be slight peeling and tingling. This is a normal phenomenon. You can gradually increase the frequency of use to allow the skin to adapt

How to use a small white bottle with light spots in the morning and evening?

How to use your mileage may vary, and you need to choose according to your skin condition and product manual. Morning c and evening a is a skin care step. Use vitamin C in the morning to replenish skin nutrients, and vitamin A in the evening to promote cell regeneration. The light spot white bottle is a product that fades pigmentation and can be used topically after two applications of other skin care products. The specific use method needs to be carefully read the product manual and decided according to your skin condition.

How to use the new L’Oreal real C bottle?

The new L’Oreal real C bottle can be used. L’Oreal’s new True C bottle is a skin care product containing vitamin C essence, which has antioxidant, whitening, firming skin and other effects. The method of use is very simple, just apply an appropriate amount of essence to the entire face and gently massage until absorbed. Before using L’Oreal’s new True C bottle, it is recommended to clean the face to remove oil and dirt on the surface of the skin in order to better absorb the essence ingredients. In addition, the True C bottle can also be mixed with other skin care products to achieve better moisturizing and nourishing effects. When using, pay attention to avoid the area around the eyes and mouth to avoid irritating sensitive skin areas.

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