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How to use natureconc exfoliating water?

I mix oily skin, and occasionally have small acne. I share my usual skin care steps. You can refer to it. The first step is to cleanse my face with Beyoncé makeup remover. I usually light makeup, apply isolation and sunscreen and go out. If I wear makeup, I will use makeup remover oil. I think this will be cleaner. The second step is to wash with facial cleanser. I am now using DreamTime’s facial cleanser, which feels milder and moist. The official said that it has a whitening effect, but this kind of stay on the face for a while should have no effect. The third step is to dry, I think the face towel will be better, be sure to dry it. The fourth step is to gently rub the dry face with an appropriate amount of CURE for 1 to 2 minutes. There are a lot of milky gray matter. This one does not need to be used every day. My frequency is three times in two weeks. The fifth step is to wash it with water. It must be washed very cleanly. The sixth step is to use a Spanish ampoule. You can search for a Spanish ampoule on a certain treasure. There is a flagship store, and the price is not expensive. The one at night will be protected from light when it is used up. Don’t even look at your mobile phone. I will order an aromatherapy. This light is enough. Go to bed directly after use. The main effect of this one is to tighten the skin, replenish water and revitalize the skin. The one in the morning can see light, and it has the effect of light acne marks. The personal test is very effective. It can be obviously seen that it will be light, but my acne marks are all new. There are no aged acne marks. They disappear quickly. They are all your mileage may Varying, the seventh step toner, I use Qianxiancao, cheap and big bowl, I like roses, if you insist on using it, you will see that the skin is tender. Wet compress with a homemade mask before the mask, the mask absorbs better, or wet compress before makeup during the day for a day without taking off makeup or cracking. The eighth step mask is then massaged until absorbed. I have a lot of masks, which are divided into various effects, and I don’t use them every day. Depending on the skin condition, when I feel greasy, I use moisturizing ones. Sometimes I use refreshing water and oil to balance. Anyway, it is all for moisturizing. The most used ones are the Membrane Family, Yunifang and Morita Cosmetic Makeup. Because moisturizing masks usually consume a lot, there is no very expensive kind. If you clear the pores and make needles, use pores to shrink the face Mask, my scheming and spring rain honey mask, I feel that the skin will be very tender after use, and then I will use it once or twice a week to whiten it, which is a white rainbow mask, and other colors can be applied casually, and what RAY, JM, cherry blossoms, etc., are more suitable for young people’s masks, because I am only 22 years old now, and I have not used those expensive functional masks. Finally, after applying, I should massage well until I absorb the ninth step of cleansing with water, and wash it very clean, otherwise it will increase the burden on the skin, and excess nutrition will also cause acne. The tenth step of softening water is also DreamTime’s. I bought a set, M2 series, has whitening effect, and is also very comfortable and moisturizing. The eleventh step of lotion is also DreamTime’s, which is known as Clinique genius butter. The affordable alternative version of this lotion is not greasy, and the absorption is super fast. This lotion can be used as a whitening lotion for 28 days. After using it for a period of time, I feel that the skin is much better and will be brighter. Of course, this also depends on my usual sunscreen, mask and the like. Basically, that’s all, because it is summer now, and I don’t use face cream, but I will use face cream in winter. Just wait until I am 25 years old and add an essence. When I change the skin care products suitable for mature skin in the future, the steps are basically like this, but the needs are different, and I will change some skin care products with different functions.

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