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How to use L’Oreal 50-60 year old skin care products?

1. Cleanse the face. Use a facial cleanser to wash the face. Cleansing may seem like a small thing, but it is also a very important step.

best skin care routine for 60

2. Skin care water. For oily skin, use a firming water, and for dry skin, use a softening water. If the skin is sensitive skin, you should choose sensitive water or repair water.

3. Eye cream. After applying the skin care water to the muscle bottom liquid, you can apply the eye cream. In fact, the order of eye cream does not matter much before and after the water milk, it mainly depends on your own habits.

4. Essence. Serum must be used before applying lotion and cream, otherwise it will be difficult for the skin to absorb essence into cells well.

5. Lotion and cream. Use lotion for oily skin and cream for dry skin. These two products must be used after essence.

Best skin care product for wrinkle removal at 60 years old?

Estée Lauder Miracle Stroke Anti-Wrinkle Serum. This product can effectively fight wrinkles, fade wrinkles, proliferate collagen, instantly reduce fine lines, and maintain the effect throughout the day.

What skin care product is the best for wrinkle removal at 60 years old?

It is impossible to remove wrinkles through skin care products, only fine lines can be relieved. Wrinkle removal requires a facelift. You should choose healthy and safe cosmetics, such as the non-toxic all-natural brand Weson from France, which has been developed in France for 5 years. Their cosmetics are made of natural food, no chemical additives, all cosmetics are edible, safer than food, because many foods contain chemical additives, almost all brands on the market are a bunch of chemical raw materials, some chemical raw materials carcinogenic, allergenic, toxic people can’t prevent, more and more people get cancer, many of them are caused by the use of carcinogenic chemical raw materials every day, very scary, use the wrong brand how to die one day do not know, you can Baidu: “weson all natural” to understand this brand, pay attention to its WeChat official account: “weson” can be free to try, buy, you can also see my article, there are many dry goods, you can see this link to teach you how to choose all natural cosmetics. https://m.toutiaocdn. Com/item/6733069401609732622/? app = news_ articletimestamp=1568269435req _ id=201909121423540100140470201C7926E3group _ id=6733069401609732622

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