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How to use laroche-posay Lifuquan b5?

Take a small amount of soybean-sized B5 repair cream in the palm of your hand and emulsify it on the face to press and absorb it. You can stay overnight. I didn’t close my mouth. The next day I will find that my face is soft and moisturizing is very strong! This method your mileage may vary. If you encounter a situation where you will close your mouth overnight, give up this method. You can use it every day. The instructions on the back of the product say once in the morning and once in the evening. You can use it every day, but it is recommended not to use it in the morning, because it is white and a little oily. It is recommended to use it at night.

la roche posay skin care routine for acne

How to open the laroche-posay moisturizing spray?

How to open: Pinch the bottle body, twist the bottle cap in reverse and open it. Spray use steps

1. Spray: Spray 15-20 cm away from the face, tilt your head slightly, and absorb as much moisture as possible.

2. Pat: Like playing a piano, pat the whole face with your fingertips to help water droplets absorb into the skin.

3. Wipe: If there is still a small amount that cannot be absorbed, gently dry the remaining moisture with tissue paper to avoid natural air drying.

What skin care products do you use for sensitive acne skin?

What skin care products are used for sensitive skin and acne skin is generally judged according to their own situation. The skin care products used for oily or dry skin are different.

The skin care products used for oily sensitive skin and acne skin are as follows:

1. Medical skin care products: Because medical skin care products can remove substances that are prone to allergies, they can effectively achieve the effect of preventing allergies. The effect is relatively fast, and the effect can be seen by using it for about a month.

2. Skin care products with better oil control effect: Because oily skin is more prone to acne, the use of skin care products with better oil control effect can play a good role in preventing acne. The effect is relatively slow, and it usually takes about two months to take effect.

The skin care used for dry skin sensitive skin and acne skin is as follows:

1. Repairing skin care products: You can use some skin care products containing aloe vera essence to achieve the effect of repairing the skin, and it can also prevent skin allergies very well. Usually effective in about two months.

2. Skin care products with mild texture and hydration: Because dry skin is more prone to dry skin, the use of hydrating skin care products can improve the symptoms, and the mild texture can prevent allergies. The effect is relatively slow, and it generally takes about three months to take effect.

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