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How to use jojoba essential oil?

How to use jojoba essential oil includes:

how to add jojoba oil to skin care routine

With essential oil: Jojoba essential oil can be used with other essential oils as skin massage oil and makeup remover oil.

With lotion: Jojoba essential oil can be used with lotion, especially for dry skin or people with dry and itchy skin in autumn and winter.

With scalp massage to nourish the hair: Jojoba essential oil can be used with essential oils suitable for hair moisturization, such as sandalwood, ylang-ylang, frankincense, etc., for hair maintenance to prevent dry hair from breaking and bifurcating and drying up after sun exposure.

Blackhead Removal: Apply jojoba essential oil to the nose, massage for 10 minutes and then wipe off the excess oil with a tissue, then continue with the follow-up skin care steps.

Basic Moisturizing: The most basic usage of jojoba essential oil is to use it as a moisturizing product. First fully hydrate with water, then press 1-2 drops of jojoba essential oil in the palm of your hand in a semi-dry situation, gently rub it well and massage it on the face immediately.

It should be noted that although jojoba essential oil has many uses, it should still be used with caution according to personal skin type and needs to avoid skin discomfort caused by excessive use or improper use. It is recommended to learn more about its usage and precautions before use.

How to make skin care products with Heba oil, shea butter, and soy soft phospholipids?

Jojoba oil and shea butter themselves are used for addition. Skin care products need base oil, and then add jojoba oil and shea butter or lecithin. They are very moisturizing things. You can use base oil as a cream or cream first, and then add jojoba or shea butter to the base formula. It is recommended to add only one of them. If you add both, the amount will be less, and the amount of lecithin will be added. After all, the effect of lecithin for external use is limited. If necessary, you can add a little glycerin

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