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How to use fullerene salicylate astringent water correctly?

Wash your face

astringent skin care routine

Cleaning your face is the most important step in all skin care steps. Only by cleaning your face thoroughly can you give full play to the effects of various skin care products, thereby improving skin problems.

Use a cleansing mask

Before using astringent water, you can use some masks or products with deep cleansing or blackhead removal, which can thoroughly clean up the garbage in the pores. Using pore astringent water again can not only shrink pores, but also make the skin smooth and improve skin texture.

Pour the astringent water on the cotton pad

After cleaning the pores, pour the astringent water properly on the cotton pad, and then apply it to the place where the pores need to be contracted. Apply it for about 5 to 8 minutes, don’t apply it for too long, too long will absorb moisture from the skin.

Do a good job of moisturizing

After using the astringent water, just apply other skin care products and do a good job of moisturizing. However, it is best to choose a lighter skin care product that is easier to absorb. Of course, if there is enough time, you can also use some essence after using the astringent water, so that the effect will be better.

The correct steps for oil acne skin care steps?

1. Thoroughly clean

In the maintenance steps of oily skin, thorough cleaning is the first and most important step. Choose suitable and strong cleansing products to thoroughly wash away excess dirt and oil.

2. Focus on cleaning

When washing your face every day, use cleansing products to focus on gently massage on the forehead, sides of the nose and chin. In a rotating manner, spiral from bottom to top and from inside to outside.

3. Converge pores

After washing the face, the skin will be in a state where moisture evaporates easily and is not protected. Use toner to shrink the pores of the face, so that oil will no longer secrete excess. Toner can penetrate the inside to make the skin full, avoid water evaporation, converge sebum secretion in an instant, make the skin less prone to oily glow, and can also achieve the effect of preventing facial blisters. If you belong to a skin type that often has acne, you must also use a toner containing sterilization and astringent ingredients.

4. Hydrating and moisturizing

Hydrating is often a step that oily skin people tend to ignore. Dehydration of the skin can also lead to excessive oil secretion, causing a vicious cycle.

5. Exfoliate

The daily cleansing routine can only remove part of the dead cells floating on the epidermis, so it is necessary to clean the skin regularly. You can use an exfoliating cream or scrub on weekends to do a serious cleaning. Gently massage the lighter middle finger and ring finger to remove excess oil and aging keratinocytes from the epidermis, and the skin will visibly become clean and shiny.

6. Use a mask

In fact, using a mask aimed at removing excess sebum and dirt will make the skin more refreshing and comfortable. Especially for oily skin, the mask not only helps to remove brow pimples in the pores, but also is more effective in preventing facial blisters. Friends with oily skin can choose a moisturizing mask, or a pearl powder mask.

7. Regular life

To completely and effectively control the oil output of the face, the most fundamental way is to have a regular life and reasonable diet control. Stay up late, reduce the intake of fried foods, high-fat foods, and exercise more.

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