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How to use facial massage oil?

Applying essential oil directly to the face has always been a misunderstanding in facial skin care. It is best not to apply it directly to the face, because everyone’s skin responds differently to care products!

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If you use essential oil to treat acne that grows on the face, you’d better not apply essential oil directly to the face, because it will burn the skin on other parts of your face.

You can use a cotton swab to dip a little tea tree oil or lavender essential oil directly on the acne after washing your face, so that the acne will basically be much better the next day! Remember never to apply essential oil to the skin on a large area again! Haha~ Also, if you use other essential oils to care for your skin, you can first boil a pot of boiling water, pour the boiling water into the washbasin, drop one or two drops of the essential oil you want to use, then put your face on the washbasin to keep a certain distance, put a towel on your head, so that the hot steam in the basin does not leak out, and finally let your skin enjoy the hot steam in the basin!

How long does the oil apply to your face?

Oily skin masks generally need to be applied once every 5 days. Oily skin needs to be determined according to the needs of the skin. If it is only the surface of the skin, it will look greasy

but there will be serious dehydration in the deep layer of the skin. If the skin has symptoms of tightness, it means that the dehydration is more serious. You can use a moisturizing mask once every three days, which can effectively improve the facial tightness

If necessary, you can use a compressed mask to soak in mineral water, and then spray it repeatedly on the face. It can also have a deep moisturizing effect, and there are no side effects. Long-term use can make the skin more hydrated and smooth, and improve skin sensitivity.

The correct use of face essential oil?

1. In fact, the steps to use facial essential oil are also very simple. First, cleanse your face, use cleansing cream, then use toner, and then apply essential oil. After this, apply a light cream. With these six steps, you can complete a basic facial treatment. Then you can use some treatment oil and treatment oil.

2. Generally speaking, it is used after toner, before essence and cream. Generally speaking, it can be mixed with essence, and then used after evening, so that it can be more absorbed. At the same time, we all know in our daily lives that it is always difficult to apply makeup when you are not resting enough. At this time, you need to absorb all the facial care oil on your face before you can apply makeup better. Therefore, we need to protect our skin well so that we can apply makeup better.

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