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How to use facial brightening correctly?

Brightening liquid can be mixed with liquid foundation as a base makeup, suitable for creating Korean water light muscle base makeup.

korean skin care routine for large pores

1. After basic skin care, choose a makeup primer suitable for your skin type and apply it to the face.

2. Brightening liquid and foundation are mixed in a ratio of 1:2. Generally, a pump of liquid foundation is good to add a few drops of brightening liquid, not too much.

3. Apply the mixed liquid foundation to the whole face. If you need concealer, you can apply an extra layer, and then sweep it on the oily area with transparent loose powder.

Order of use of the brightening liquid: Brightening the face

The most basic use of the brightening liquid is to use it as a highlight to brighten the parts of the face that need to be highlighted.

1. Apply the liquid foundation to the face and push it evenly. Cover the areas that need to be concealed with concealer.

2. Choose the loose powder that suits you to set the makeup on the whole face. If you want a glossy muscle effect, you can only set the makeup in the T area.

3. After setting the makeup, dip your fingers in the brightening liquid and pat it on the bridge of the nose, forehead, apple muscle, and chin, a little bit.

Order of use of brightening liquid: makeup primer

Use the brightening liquid directly as a makeup primer, so that the gloss is the strongest.

1. After basic skin care, squeeze out an appropriate amount of brightening liquid and apply it to the face, push it evenly.

2. Soybean-sized liquid foundation is applied to the face, and pat it evenly with a foundation brush or sponge.

3. Finally, use loose powder or powder to set makeup. But it is recommended to use a setting spray in order to maintain the gloss~

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