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How to use cosrx propolis essence?

The steps to use cosrx propolis essence are as follows: 1. Clean the face and use toner to condition the skin.

cosrx skin care routine

2. Take an appropriate amount of cosrx propolis essence and apply it to the face, gently massage until absorbed.

3. You can apply it again according to your personal needs, and you can repeat it on key areas.

4. Finally, use the cream to lock in the moisture.

It is recommended to use it in the morning and evening. Don’t use too much each time. Generally, two to three drops are enough. If your skin feels dry, you can increase the amount used. In addition, when using cosrx propolis essence, you should avoid contact with the surrounding areas of the eyes to avoid irritating the eyes.

Can cosrx propolis toner be used with Dabao?

It is not recommended to use it together. 1. Because cosrx propolis toner contains fruit acid and other ingredients, it belongs to a kind of cosmetics, while Dabao is a moisturizing cream, which belongs to the category of skin care products. The ingredients of the two are quite different and are not suitable for use together. 2. At the same time, everyone’s skin type is different. When some people use a certain cosmetic, the skin will have allergies or other adverse reactions. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the skin care products that suit you according to your skin type, and do not blindly use them together.

Can cosrx salicylic acid cotton tablets be used by pregnant women?

No. Salicylic acid is an ingredient for pregnant women to use with caution and is not recommended.

Those skin care products contain salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid is an ingredient commonly used in skin care products for good exfoliation and deep cleansing. Here are some common skin care products that contain salicylic acid:

1. Toner: Salicylic acid toner is a common product that uses salicylic acid to remove dead skin and oil, reduce clogged pores and keep skin smooth.

2. Lotion: Lotion containing salicylic acid is usually used to regulate skin oil secretion and shrink pores, making skin cleaner and smoother.

3. Scrubs: Scrubs containing salicylic acid can help you remove aging skin cells, deeply cleanse the skin, and make the skin smoother and more moisturized.

4. Facial coating products: Facial coating products containing salicylic acid are generally used to exfoliate and shrink pores. They are suitable for oily and combination skin. They can make the skin more refreshing and shiny.

It should be noted that salicylic acid has a certain irritation. Before use, read the instructions carefully to understand the applicable skin type and the number of uses. For first-time use or sensitive skin, it is recommended to perform a local test to ensure that there are no discomfort symptoms before full use.

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