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How to use body wash for skin care?

1. Body wash can be used for body cleansing, but it is not suitable for facial skin care. Because the main function of body wash is to clean dirt and remove oil and sweat from the body, while the facial skin is relatively fragile, the detergent ingredients in body wash can cause irritation and dryness to the facial skin. 2. If you want to use body wash for skin care, you can try adding body wash when soaking in the bath. Use hot water to make the gentle cleansing ingredients in the body wash help clean the skin. At the same time, you can also enjoy the relaxing effect brought by the bath. 3. If you want to deeply cleanse your face, it is recommended to use special facial cleansing products, such as facial cleanser, etc. You can choose the cleansing products that suit you according to different skin types to achieve better skin care results.

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How to use cleansing milk toner condensation?

1. Clean the face thoroughly first, wet the face and then take an appropriate amount of cleansing milk water condensation milk, apply it to the face, gently massage, and let the facial cleanser completely penetrate into the deep layer of the skin to achieve a better cleansing effect.

2. The cleansing milk water condensation only needs to be gently massaged. Don’t pull the skin hard, which will exacerbate skin sensitivity and local dryness.

3. When washing, do not rinse the face directly with overheated water, which will damage the protective layer formed on the surface of the skin. It is recommended to rinse with warm water, and then rinse off again with water.

4. After use, remember to perform basic skin care, such as spraying with moisturizing water, applying skin care milk, etc., to ensure that the skin is balanced with water and oil, hydrated and smooth.

In short, the correct use of cleansing milk water condensation needs to pay attention to several points such as softness, thorough cleansing, and gentle skin care, in order to achieve better skin results.

sk full set of skin care steps?

The correct steps of the full set of skin care are as follows:

1. Makeup remover. Pour the makeup remover on the cotton pad and use the cotton pad to wipe off the cosmetics on the face. It is best to use special eye makeup remover products for the eye area to reduce the irritation to the eyes. If there is no makeup, this step can be omitted.

2. Facial cleanser. Soak the facial skin with warm water, open the pores, then squeeze an appropriate amount of facial cleanser into the palm of your hand, rub out bubbles, and then clean the face. It is best to use massage techniques to clean. After one minute, rinse the face with water, and then wipe off the residual moisture from the face with a dry towel.

3. Toner. Pour an appropriate amount of toner on the cotton pad, pat it evenly on the face, and then pat it lightly with your fingers to help absorb.

4. Serum. Both essence and essence milk belong to essence and have the same effect. Apply evenly to the face, then massage and absorb.

5. Lotion. The moisturizing effect of the lotion is very good. If the skin is oily, this step can be omitted. Apply the lotion evenly, and then pat it lightly with your fingers for better absorption.

6. Cream. If the skin is not very dry, the amount of cream can be appropriately reduced. Apply the cream evenly with your ring finger, and then massage and absorb.

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