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How to use body scrub?

Scrub is a very common skin care product. It removes aging keratinocyte debris and other dirt through physical friction on the skin, achieving the purpose of making the skin look smooth and not rough, and brightening the complexion. Usage:

body scrub skin care routine

First, wet the clean skin and then use it. If there is dirt left on the skin, use a scrub, which cannot completely remove the exfoliation.

Second, take an appropriate amount and place it in the palm of your hand. Use an amount about the size of a 50 yuan coin for one part, and spread it out after the palm is warm.

Third, gently massage in a circular manner.

Fourth, wash off with warm water.

Fifth, it is recommended to use it 1-2 times a week, and use the scrub moderately to prevent excessive accumulation of skin keratin.

Steps to use Xuehuaxiu Scrub Mask?

Before using Xuehuaxiu Scrub Mask, be sure to wash your face with cleaning products first. If there is a lot of dirt on your face before applying the mask, the cleaning effect of the mask will be greatly reduced; after cleaning, apply a hot towel, which is conducive to draining the dirt in the pores and achieving twice the result with half the effort.

2. After applying the mask

hot compress, you can wet your face a little with water, which is conducive to keeping the mask moist and making the mask not dry in a short time. When applying the mask, be careful not to apply it too thick, just cover the pores, and try to avoid hairy places when applying.

3. Tear off the mask

After applying it for 20 minutes, you can tear off the mask. When tearing off the mask, you must tear it from bottom to top, so as to ensure that the pores will not become larger during the tearing process. If the method of tearing off the mask is incorrect, not only may it not be torn off, but it may also make the pores abnormally rough. After tearing off the mask, some blackheads can appear on the skin. At this time, you can use the blackhead removal tool to scrape off the blackheads that appear.

4. Shrink pores

After tearing off the mask, be sure to pay attention to hydrating and shrinking pores. You can use toner to wet compress or apply pore shrinkage essence. After the essence of the above products is fully absorbed, you can apply another moisturizing and whitening mask.

Do you want to wash off the matte body lotion after use?

Whether it is a body scrub or a facial scrub, it should be rinsed off after use, but it is best not to use a body scrub on the face, because the skin of the face is relatively fragile, and a body scrub will bring irritation to the facial skin, which is likely to cause facial discomfort.

Scrubs are generally cleansing skin care products containing finer particles. Its main function is to deeply remove dirt, waste keratin and excess sebum from the surface of the skin. The ingredients of the particles peel off waste keratin and other metabolites through friction, making the skin smooth and delicate.

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