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How to use Afjoba oil correctly?

Jojoba oil is a base oil, rich in vitamin D and protein, and is a good moisturizing and moisturizing oil. It can effectively increase skin elasticity, reduce dry lines and fine lines, and has a good fading effect on already formed wrinkles. It can be mixed with other essential oils or used directly. I usually use it as a cream, and I usually use it once a week for cleaning. I prefer its cleaning effect. At first, it was 3 times a week. Now it is once a week for a long time. Let’s take a look at how I usually use it. You can learn from it.

skin care routine jojoba oil

1. How to use as a cleansing mask

Mix the cleansing mask with jojoba oil evenly and then apply it to the entire face and neck skin. After it dries naturally, rinse it off with warm water. It can be done two to three times a week. It can not only clean the facial skin, but also moisturize and replenish water.

2. How to use as a cream

Take an appropriate amount of aloe vera gel and jojoba oil and mix it together and stir well, then apply it to the face as a cream and massage for one minute. It can be used before going to bed, and has a good relieving effect on skin problems such as acne on the skin.

We choose the way to use jojoba oil according to our own needs. If you use it as a cleansing mask, you can generally not use it too many times. We can use it every day as a cream, which can effectively maintain our skin and make the skin more translucent

How to use Leaf Ocean Jojoba Oil?

Here are some common uses of Leaf Ocean Jojoba Oil:

1. Skin Care:

– As a body lotion: After bathing, apply jojoba oil to the body and gently massage until absorbed. Jojoba oil can help lock in moisture and make the skin softer and smoother.

– As a facial serum: After cleansing and toning, drop jojoba oil in the palm of your hand and gently massage your face with your fingertips until fully absorbed. Jojoba oil can promote regeneration and repair of your skin.

– Massage: Jojoba oil is added to the massage oil for full body massage to soothe muscle tension and promote blood circulation.

2. Hair care:

– After shampooing: After shampooing, apply jojoba oil to moist hair, massage gently, then dry your hair with a towel. Jojoba oil can increase the shine and elasticity of your hair.

– Conditioner: Before applying the conditioner, apply jojoba oil to damaged or dry hair, leave it on for a few minutes, and then apply the conditioner for a deep treatment. Jojoba oil helps repair damaged hair and makes it healthier.

3. Finger Edge Treatment:

– Apply jojoba oil to the edges of your nails and massage until absorbed. Jojoba oil can help moisturize and protect the skin at the edges of your nails.

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