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How to test whether cosmetics are allergic?

1. Inner arm test

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Before the inner arm test starts, first prepare saline, a piece of gauze, airtight cellophane or film, and the tested cosmetics. Secondly, wet the gauze with normal saline, twist it to semi-dry, and fold the gauze into four layers, about one square centimeter in size. Then apply skin care products to one side of the gauze, and then apply………

2. Behind the ear test

Since the skin behind the ear is particularly similar to the skin on the face, and the skin behind the ear is more sensitive, the test behind the ear can see the test results in time. First wash the back of the ear with water or facial cleanser. After washing, dry the excess water with a clean towel. Then dip a small amount of skin care products in a medical cotton swab and apply it behind the ear and gently rub it with your hands.

How to test whether the skin care products are allergic?

Before using the newly bought skin care products, especially for sensitive skin, be sure to test whether they are allergic before using them. You can apply the skin care products behind the ear or on the inside of the arm. Generally, there is no redness, swelling and itching for 24 hours to prove that they are not allergic and can be used with confidence.

How to detect whether the skin care products are good?

Identify the quality of the skin care products:

1. Look at the touch, absorption speed and product word-of-mouth. The purer the product that does not contain harmful substances, the more delicate the touch and the faster the skin absorbs it. In addition, referring to the personal experience of others is also a good reference standard for testing skin care products:

2. Look at the ingredients. Most brands will indicate the ingredients contained in the product in the product manual. For those brands that can be trusted, looking at the ingredient list in the product manual is the easiest way to know its safety.

3. Iodine tests for antioxidants. Pour an appropriate amount of water into a transparent glassware, drop iodine equivalent to 1/50 of the water volume, shake well and put in an appropriate amount of test skin care products, such as facial cleanser, toner, etc. After fully stirring the solution, if the product honor water and the water returns to a transparent state, it means that the skin care product has antioxidant effects; if the water quality cannot be restored or even turned black, it means that the skin care product has no antioxidant function and may even exacerbate the oxidative aging of the skin.

4. Fire test method for cream products. Put a small amount of cream products in a spoon and then heat it up. If the cream is milky and has a strong taste after boiling, it means that this product is safe. If there is splashing and smoking after heating, and the taste is choking, and there is residue at the bottom of the spoon, it means that the mineral oil in the product exceeds the standard or is filled with boride, which may be harmful to the skin after use.

5. Silver jewelry detection method. The main ingredients of safe whitening and spot removal products are arbutin and vitamin C. Such products can only slowly and gradually improve the skin. And those so-called products that can effectively whiten and remove spots mostly contain lead and mercury compounds. If this product is used for a long time, it is likely to cause chronic poisoning in the human body. Therefore, when purchasing whitening and spot removal products, dip a small amount of skin care products with the silver jewelry you carry with you. After keeping it for a few minutes, draw a few lines on the white paper. If the marks are obvious gray-black, it indicates that the product contains lead and mercury, and should be selected with caution.

6. Water test lotion method. Pour a small amount of lotion into the water. If the lotion floats on the water, it means that if the lotion floats on the water, it contains oil stone ester. Oil stone ester can cause dry skin and clogged pores. If the lotion sticks to the cup, it means that the main ingredient of the skin care product is mineral oil. As long as it is within the specified range, it will not affect the skin, but the protective layer formed makes the skin layer less breathable. If the lotion sinks to the bottom of the cup, it means that the main ingredients of skin care products are heavy metals, and long-term use will cause a lot of damage to the skin.

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