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How to test skin care products before use?

Before using skin care products, you can take a little and apply it behind the ear. After half an hour, you can use it with confidence without allergies. Hand skin care products can be applied on the inside of the wrist for a little test, which is very practical.

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How to do the most accurate skin care product sensitivity test?

The methods of skin care product sensitivity test include using samples, behind the ear skin test, observing skin reactions, etc., as follows:

1. Use samples: You can ask the merchant to give a small part of skin care products for trial when purchasing skin care products, or pick up samples at the counter for trial. Observe the skin reaction first. If there is no discomfort, you can determine whether to continue using the skin care product.

2. Skin test behind the ear: Apply skin care products behind the ear or on the back of the hand and other parts to observe the skin reaction. Since these parts are not easy to come into contact with the human circulatory system, if discomfort occurs during use, it will not affect daily life. This method can be used to determine whether skin care products are suitable for sensitive skin.

3. Do not apply too much during trial: Applying too much will cause the product to stay on the skin surface for too long, which is not conducive to the observation of allergic reactions.

The above is the sensitivity test method of skin care products. You need to pay attention to observe the skin changes, and you need to be patient at the same time. If there is any discomfort, do not use this skin care product, and contact the merchant or counter staff in time.

In addition, everyone’s skin reaction may be different, so it is best to try skin care products on different parts to determine whether it is suitable for your skin type. In addition, choosing well-known brands with good reputation and reputation can also reduce the risk of sensitivity testing. The most important thing is that the sensitivity testing process of skin care products is not necessary. Many brands and merchants offer risk-free return and exchange policies. If you have doubts about a certain product, you can also directly return and exchange it.

How to test skin care products with silver?

Before using silver to detect lead and mercury in cosmetics, you need to prepare some silver first. Put the silver into a porcelain cup, add a small amount of water, and then put the cosmetics and silver into the porcelain cup with a small spoon.

Next, observe whether the lead and mercury in the cosmetics react chemically with the silver. If the silver turns black, it means that the cosmetics contain lead and mercury.

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