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How to take care of your skin when you are 23 years old?

Hello, I think your skin is only 23 years old now, and you don’t need to use firming skin care products, because firming skin care products generally contain high nutritional value, and now 23-year-old skin is considered young skin, the skin itself can have its own firming functions, and you don’t need to use it so early. Premature use will naturally lose these functions. When your skin really starts to loosen, you will find that you can’t find a good firming thing for your uncle to use, and there is really no cure. Also, now you only need to use lotion, but cream is not enough. The texture of the cream is very thick, and the oil content and nutritional value are higher than that of lotion. It will cause fat particles to grow on your face, and fat particles are not easy to remove when they are long. Even if they can be removed, scars are easy to leave on your face, which is ugly. Small fine lines and bouncing on your face indicate that your skin is dehydrated, not not tight enough, so you can use more hydrating things, drink more water, and replenish water in time. I recommend the perfect aloe vera gel. This thing is very good. I have used it for 6 years. It is sold in pharmacies and generally sold in makeup shops, so I recommend you to buy it. And this thing is on after you wipe the water. After finishing, apply the lotion. Slowly, you will find that your face is much better.

23 year old skin care routine

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What are the skin care products suitable for 23 years old?

People around 23 years old are in the best condition of their skin. They need moderate skin care to replenish the right amount of moisture and nutrition for the skin to prevent premature aging and minor problems; but avoid using brands and products with too complex ingredients and too many nutrients. Therefore, the brand with natural ingredients and no additives is most suitable for girls around the age of 20.

Skin care methods suitable for people around the age of 23:

1. It is very important to pay attention to cleanliness

23-year-old girls must remember to cleanse their face every morning and evening. This is a crucial step in skin care. If the pores are not cleaned, the dirty things on the face will clog the pores on the face, which will lead to acne, acne, and blackheads on the face. And cleaning is also a solid foundation for subsequent skin care. Only by thoroughly cleaning the facial skin can it benefit the skin’s absorption.

The choice of cleansing milk: 23-year-old girls because the grade is still small, the cuticle on the face is still relatively thin, so the choice of cleaning products can not be too irritating, in addition to choosing mild, refreshing products, but also according to their own skin type to choose their own cleansing milk, dry skin needs to choose a moisturizing facial cleanser, and oily skin needs to choose an oil-controlled type of facial cleanser, and sensitive skin needs to choose a natural mild non-irritating facial cleanser.

2. Appropriate exfoliation of the face

Girls around the age of 23 have thinner facial skin exfoliation, but it does not mean that exfoliation is not required, but they must know how to exfoliate properly, because exfoliation can help the face remove excess impurities and help the skin better absorb skin care products.

Exfoliation product selection: Do not choose products that are too irritating to avoid the effect of exfoliation is not obvious and hurt your skin.

3. Use a toner

Toner is also known as makeup water. When choosing a toner, a 23-year-old girl needs to choose a toner with better moisturizing effect. Use the toner to clean the face for the second time. After cleansing, when the facial skin is still moist, quickly use a cotton pad dipped in the toner to gently wipe the facial skin. Don’t wait until the facial skin is dry before replenishing water. This will greatly reduce the moisturizing effect of the 23-year-old girl.

Choice of toner: Remember to choose a moisturizing and hydrating toner in the dry season of autumn and winter. Whitening products are not suitable for use when the skin is dry. Be careful that excessive whitening is also one of the factors that cause spots on the face.

4. Use eye cream

Although a 23-year-old girl is a golden moment for the skin, it does not mean that the eyes should not use eye cream. The skin around the eyes is the most vulnerable part of the body and the most prone to aging. If a 20-year-old girl does not use eye cream now, it will be too late to see dry fine lines around the eyes.

Choice of eye cream: There is no need to deliberately choose an eye cream with the effect of removing bags and dark circles under the eyes, just use a moisturizing and hydrating eye cream.

5. Cream maintenance

Cream is very important, it can effectively lock in moisture! Choose a cream with a slightly sticky texture in winter, and choose a lotion in summer. The burden of lotion is small, and it is suitable for summer use! Both lotion and cream provide a water-locking film for the skin to prevent moisture loss and replenish skin nutrients. If you are afraid that the cream will be too sticky, you can choose a lotion with good moisturizing effect as the last step of skin care.

6. Apply a mask

Many 23-year-old girls may be too lazy to do other skin care steps, but at least they are still a little interested in masks. Add meals to the skin regularly and attach a moisturizing and hydrating mask. Pay attention to cleaning the skin before applying the mask, so that the skin can better absorb the moisturizing essence of the mask.

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