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How to take care of your skin if you have acne on your face and large pores?

To improve the problem of acne on your face and large pores, you can take the following skin care measures:

skin care routine for big pores with products

First, keep your face clean, wash your face with gentle cleansing products every day, and avoid using irritating cosmetics.

Second, exfoliate regularly to help remove dead skin cells and reduce clogged pores.

Third, use products that shrink pores, such as toners or masks containing astringent agents. In addition, choose skin care products that suit your skin type and avoid using oily or dry products.

Finally, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, such as adequate sleep, a balanced diet, and moderate exercise, can help improve the condition of the skin.

How to take care of the skin with large pores and acne?

Large pores and acne are skin problems that many people will encounter. Here are some tips that can help you improve these problems:

1. Cleansing: Use gentle cleansing products in the morning and evening to ensure thorough cleansing of the skin and remove oil and dirt. Use warm water to wash your face and avoid using overheated water.

2. Choose the right skin care products: Choose skin care products that are suitable for oily or combination skin. Avoid using products containing ingredients such as mineral oil, animal oil, etc. that may clog pores.

3. Control oil secretion: Using skin care products containing ingredients such as retinol, fruit acid, salicylic acid, etc. can help reduce oil secretion and improve enlarged pores.

4. Keep pores unobstructed: Using skin care products containing natural ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, etc., can help soothe the skin and keep pores unobstructed.

5. Exfoliation: Exfoliating regularly to remove accumulated dead skin cells can help shrink pores. Take care to avoid excessive exfoliation so as not to damage the skin barrier.

6. Moisturizing: Keeping the skin well hydrated can help improve enlarged pores. Choose moisturizing products containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, etc.

7. Sunscreen: Ultraviolet rays can stimulate oil secretion and cause clogged pores. Use sunscreen products to protect the skin from UV damage.

8. Diet and Lifestyle Habits: Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, avoid excessive intake of greasy, sweet foods, etc., and maintain adequate sleep.

Please note that everyone’s skin conditions and needs are different, so before trying any new skin care methods, please do a skin test to ensure that the product is suitable for your skin type.

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