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How to take care of your skin during the day with brush acid?

1. The correct skin care step of brush acid is to clean the face with mild cleansing products first, then use an essence with one of the ingredients of fruit acid, salicylic acid, amygdalic acid and azelaic acid, and then apply toner, essence, lotion and cream.

skin care routine for inflammatory skin

2. When brushing acid, choose to start with a low concentration of acid essence. Use it behind the ear or on the face in a small area before use. There is no allergic reaction or other adverse reactions, and then use it in a small amount and a large area. Don’t use the concentration and amount too high at the beginning, some people’s skin will not accept it, and slowly build tolerance before using the normal dose.

3. The method and amount of different acid essences are different. Just use them according to the methods on the official instructions. You can use them superimposed on areas with acne, closed mouth or large pores on the face. After applying a layer to the whole face, apply a thin layer to the defective area.

4. After brushing acid, you must pay attention to hydration and sun protection for skin care. After brushing acid, the skin will be more sensitive, and it may peel or have acne. These are normal reactions. If it is not too serious, it does not matter. Apply some moisturizing and moisturizing masks, and apply sunscreen when you go out.

The correct way to brush acid cotton tablets?

You need to replenish water in time after brushing acid. It can be matched with a mask. The common match is an ice film mask that replenishes water, maintains stability and calms. Be sure to pay attention to sun protection a few days after brushing acid. The purpose is to prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the skin when the keratin is weak, causing various skin sunburn and inflammation. It is best not to use skin care products containing alcohol for skin care, and skin care products containing other effects such as whitening and freckle removal. Brush acid first

Daily skin care process?

Correct Skin Care Order:

Daytime: Cleanser — Toner — Eye Care — Serum — Lotion — Cream — Sunscreen — Isolation — BB/CC — Makeup

Evening: Makeup Remover — Cleansing — Toner — Eye — Serum — Lotion — Cream

Cycle Care:

Keratin: Mainly removes the old and dead skin of the skin’s metabolism, which plays a role in preventing clogging pores.

Generally, it can be used before or after cleansing at night. It depends on the individual. Use it according to your skin type. Mixed skin is partition exfoliation. Go to the T area once a week, and the U area once every half a month. For normal and dry skin, it is generally once every half a month. For oily skin, you need to pay attention. If you have acne, you should avoid the place with acne. Go once a week. If the acne is serious, it is not recommended to exfoliate. There are also sensitive skin. If the stratum corneum of the skin is relatively thin, it is not recommended to exfoliate.

Massage milk: It is mainly to massage the skin regularly to enhance the metabolic capacity of the skin and promote the role of subsequent products! Generally, it is also used after cleansing at night. Basically, it can be used once a week. And it should be used with caution for severe acne and sensitive skin.

There is also a mask, which goes without saying its function, and is used to extend its life. It is mainly used after cleansing at night and before toner, and keep two to three tablets a week! Of course, there are many kinds of masks. The best one is to mainly replenish water. Others

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