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How to take care of your skin at noon?

The first step is to absorb excess facial oil. Press your face with a facial tissue in front of the mirror, and gently press your forehead, cheeks, sides of your nose, and chin in turn. If you have oily skin or the weather is overheating, after pressing it again, you can focus on pressing the forehead, nose, chin socket and other places that are prone to oil production. You don’t have to treat facial oil like you treat your enemies. The so-called oil absorption is actually to absorb excess oil from the face, rather than to absorb a drop of oil from the face. Many people feel that the more oil they absorb, the more oily their face becomes, because if they suck too hard, the skin is more prone to oil production.

mid day skin care routine

The second step is local cleaning. If you are used to makeup and often stay in an air-conditioned room, when you look in the mirror at noon, you will see dry under your eyes and around the corners of your mouth, and dry lines are more obvious than in the morning. At this time, if you touch up your makeup directly, the thicker the powder, the more obvious the fine lines are. The best way is to keep the base makeup, wash the makeup products from the eyes and lips partially, and re-apply makeup after local hydration. When working in the afternoon, the skin will receive nutrients in time, and you will be radiant again. When cleaning the eye area and near the lips, you can gently wipe off the makeup with a cotton swab dipped in baby oil or a soft body lotion.

How to take care of your skin after cooking at noon?

1. Cleaning: In the process of cooking, oil fumes, dust, etc. will fall on the face, so after cooking the meal, first clean the face with warm water to remove the grease and dust on the face.

2. Moisturizing: After cleaning, you can use moisturizing products, such as moisturizing cream, moisturizing essence, etc., to replenish moisture for the skin. If your skin is relatively dry, you can also use a moisturizing mask to deeply nourish the skin.

3. Sun protection: If you do not take good sun protection measures when cooking, then after cooking the meal, be sure to apply sunscreen to prevent UV damage to the skin.

4. Diet: After cooking a meal, you can also take care of your skin through diet. For example, you can eat some foods rich in vitamins C and E, such as citrus fruits, nuts, etc. These foods can help antioxidants and protect the skin.

5. Rest: After cooking a meal, try to give your skin a full rest and avoid other activities immediately to give your skin time to recover and repair.

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