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How to take care of your skin after swimming?

After swimming, germs can easily remain on the skin. In addition, swimming pools are often disinfected with chlorine preparations, which are easy to irritate the skin. Therefore, you must wash the skin carefully after swimming. Generally speaking, the stratum corneum of the skin is not resistant to alkali, and the skin is easy to dry when bathing with soap with strong alkalinity. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a weakly acidic and mild facial cleanser and body wash. Of course, you can also use “swimming lotion”, which can help remove fungi and bacteria, and can also remove the chlorine smell and bleach on the body, making the skin clean, smooth and moisturized.

skin care routine before swimming

After bathing, the skin will become drier due to evaporation of water. Therefore, if you want to avoid dry skin, you should dry off the excess water immediately after bathing, apply toner and body lotion with moisturizing effect, and apply every part of the body to and gently massage to help the skin absorb nutrients as soon as possible. In addition, you can make a mask at night to replenish moisture to the dry skin of the face in time and take better care of the skin.

What should be applied to the face before swimming?

In principle, you should take good care of it before swimming and after swimming. _ before swimming outdoors, in addition to using some PA (ultraviolet protection) skin care products, try not to apply too many messy things, and use less waterproof mascara and the like.

The seaside should be paid more attention to, the skin may be irritated by salt and worn by sand.

In addition, it is more important not to swim in the sun, solar dermatitis is not covered. Don’t rush to make up or scratch after the skin is sunburned, it will aggravate the symptoms.

Indoors, to be honest, the water is not clean, even if no one solves some personal problems in it (…) It is inevitable that some disinfectant or the like will irritate the skin.

In addition to skin care products, the more important thing is not to soak for too long (this is not a hot spring -_- | |), come out quickly after swimming, and choose some alkaline body wash, or hot spring water to rinse the whole body.

After all, swimming pool disinfection often uses copper sulfate, which will be acidic.

If you feel dry skin, do moisturizing. Imported goods with the “looseskin” logo, or those containing aloe vera ingredients are good.

In addition, for things you often do every day, if you want to form a habit, don’t be too cumbersome~ Otherwise, you will feel broken if you can’t stick to it… T_T (from the experience of fitness) Full text Mobile phone hand typing. Wish you a happy swimming!

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