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How to take care of the skin with acne on the whole face?

The answer is first, pay attention to the cleansing of the facial skin, and remove oil, because the skin with acne is generally oily, so you should use sulfur soap and so on regularly to remove excessive oil from the skin,

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The correct steps for acne skin care?

The acne skin should be washed twice a day. You can wash your face with warm water or choose a softer facial cleanser in the morning, and wash your face with a more cleansing facial cleanser at night.

Daily moisturizing and hydrating should be done well, and preventing the skin from producing oil due to lack of water is a major factor in inhibiting acne.

Don’t always touch your face with your hands, eat a lighter diet, drink plenty of water, and don’t eat heavy oil and spicy things.

Can I use water, milk, and skin care after clearing acne?

It is best not to use water milk for skin care for the time being. Just after clearing acne, it is best to clean it with warm water only, and then use aloe vera gel made of aloe vera stock solution to moisturize and moisturize. Aloe vera gel has the effect of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and repairing wounds. It is very suitable for your current situation, and it has no toxic side effects, will not cause any harm to the skin, does not add too many other ingredients, and will not cause a burden on the skin. I hope my answer is useful to you~

Can you take care of your skin directly without washing your

It is not possible to make up without washing your face.

Night is a period when the metabolism of human skin is vigorous. The skin will secrete oil and various garbage and toxins. If you apply makeup directly without washing your face, it will affect both makeup and skin. And if you do not wash your face and make up for a long time, it will directly cause the skin to become rough and dark yellow. What will happen if you do not wash your face and make up? 4 People’s skin becomes more oily during night sleep, the facial skin will secrete a lot of oil and toxins, so when they wake up in the morning, most people’s faces are oily

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