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How to take care of the skin with a red nose?

1. Deep cleansing should be done frequently

redness skin care routine

Generally speaking, people with oily skin are more prone to large pores and redness. Because the sebaceous glands of oily skin are highly secreted, relatively, the dust and dirt adsorbed will be more than that of ordinary skin. At this time, if the cleaning work is not carefully completed, the probability of clogged and enlarged pores will be higher. Therefore, regular deep cleansing and exfoliation work becomes particularly important. But it does not mean that people who are not oily skin do not need to carry out this step. Deep cleansing is a must-do homework for people with oily, normal or dry skin. The difference is only the difference in maintenance frequency.

2. Cleansing water temperature is particular

Usually people’s concept is that oily skin should be washed with very hot water in order to remove the large amount of oil and accumulated stains secreted by the face after a hard day. In fact, this is not the case. Washing your face is not the hotter the water, the cleaner it is. Cosmetologists recommend that the best water temperature should be one degree higher than the hand temperature. Too high temperature will take away the moisture left by the skin. Too low water temperature, too cold feeling and excessive irritation to the skin. Therefore, for beauty-loving cuties, even if it is an ordinary thing like washing your face that can no longer be ordinary, there is also a need to pay attention to the water temperature. Washing your face can actually wash out delicate skin!

3. Remove makeup carefully every day

People who make up on weekdays should remove makeup carefully, needless to say. And it is best to carry out makeup remover procedures without makeup, because it is also a layer of gray makeup when dust and dirt are covered on your face all day outside. Remember to remove and then wash, then pat the astringent makeup water, especially to strengthen the convergence of the nose part, and finally apply a thin layer of refreshing lotion.

How to take care of the skin when the face is tingling and red?

1. Do a good job of moisturizing and moisturizing

Hydrating and moisturizing is a must! In terms of moisturizing and moisturizing products, pay attention to choosing products that do not contain fragrances and pigments to ensure that they do not cause skin irritation. Fully moisturizing, after maintaining the balance of moisture and oil, can effectively resist external aggression.

2. Nourishing and halving

Modern cosmetic and skin care products emphasize high efficiency, so their active ingredients must be able to penetrate the skin and act on the deep layers of the skin to produce high results. For sensitive skin, high concentration and high effect are high risk

3. Sunscreen work is very important

Sunscreen is also a very critical part of sensitive skin. Because ultraviolet rays have an irritating effect on the skin, normal skin is just ordinary sunburn, but allergic skin will be sunburned. Therefore, red-blooded skin should not only do adequate sunscreen work, but also a series of sunscreen tools that help sensitive skin to be sunburned are very important. All-round protection is safe.

4. Reduce irritation

Once the skin appears redness, hot, dry itching, etc., it means that the skin health has turned red. To restore the skin as soon as possible, the best way is to reduce irritation, do not be excessively exposed to wind, sun, do not eat spicy and irritating foods, stop the use of all current skin care products and cleaning products, and let the skin only contact water.

5. Do not exfoliate

Red blood skin is originally thin stratum corneum, there is no need to exfoliate, special exfoliation products should be used with caution or not. Exfoliation of thin skin is an injury. Gentle washing with facial cleanser every day can replace exfoliation.

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