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How to take care of the skin at the age of 19, the correct steps?

The first part: lotion conditioning, softening and exfoliating to improve the follow-up maintenance effect.

skin care routine for 19 year old

The first step of maintenance is lotion. Use the application technique to soften the exfoliation of the skin, which can not only give the skin the first maintenance, but also improve the subsequent maintenance effect.

1. Start gently wiping the cheeks from the inside out

Start the cotton pad soaked in lotion from the cheeks and gently wipe it from the inside out, which can bring the beauty ingredients in the lotion into the skin and soften the keratin at the same time.

2. The forehead part should be rubbed with a spiral

The forehead part can be gently rubbed with a spiral to avoid excessive friction and produce fine lines. In addition to maintaining the skin, it can also slightly clean the old waste keratin on the skin.

3. The ear area that is easy to ignore should also be strengthened

When washing the face, many people tend to ignore the hairline and ear area, allowing dirt to accumulate here. Therefore, when applying makeup water, you can gently take it over for cleaning and maintenance.

4. The neck area should also be strengthened for whitening and maintenance

Most people only care about the whitening of the face. In fact, the neck is a very important part. If it is not synchronized with the face, it is easy to form obvious color difference.

Part 2: Moisturizing with lotion and cream

After applying the lotion and adjusting the skin to the best state, you must finally use lotion and cream to lock in the moisturizing of the skin and give the skin continuous whitening and maintenance.

After taking an appropriate amount, dip it lightly on 5 parts of the whole face with your fingertips: forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and apply it evenly from the inside out to allow the skin care products to be fully absorbed.

Trilogy: Use steam to help pores open, so that the facial skin feels warm

Skin pores are prone to accumulation of too much old waste keratin, which makes it difficult to absorb skin care products. Therefore, before washing your face, you can use warm steam to help pores open and clean more thoroughly.

Four steps: Warm maintenance that can be carried out sooner or later

During the day, you can use a towel to soak in hot water, use the steam emitted by the towel to open the pores of the skin, and use the bath at night to perform warm maintenance.

How to take care of the skin correctly at the age of 19?

Apply a mask, because the mask is high in amino acids and rich in cod liver oil. Applying a mask at the age of 19 can increase the whiteness of the skin and lock in the proteins inside, making the skin firmer

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