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How to take care of fennel skin?

Facial cleanser → skin care water → essence → lotion → eye cream → face cream → sun protection → isolation

dill extract skin care routine

The main effects of sea fennel in skin care products are:

First, super long antioxidant effect, by regulating pigmentation and stimulating skin self-repair and healing, it can improve acne marks and anti-aging.

Second, it can effectively fade spots, regulate epidermal keratinocyte division, promote skin renewal, make epidermal metabolism better, stimulate keratinocyte production, improve skin appearance, brighten skin tone, and achieve the effect of increasing skin brightness and improving dull skin tone.

Third, strong repair power, giving strong repair energy from the bottom of the muscle, improving the self-healing ability of the skin, showing smooth, delicate and smooth skin.

How to use sea anise repair stock solution?

Repair stock solution is the abbreviation of whitening repair garden solution. It is generally used after cleansing products and toners. It is used in the third step of skin care steps. The amount of whitening repair stock solution should not exceed 5 drops each time. You only need to use 2-3 drops each time in summer. It is relatively dry in winter. You can use 4-5 drops. For oily skin, generally 2-3 drops can be used.

How to use sea anise saxanthin frozen age water gloss mask?

Sea anise astaxanthin frozen age water 1. The effect of applying it to the face after taking a shower is best

After taking a shower, the pores open and the skin is fully hydrated. At this time, the effect of applying it to the face is best. At the same time, you can also apply a hot towel to the face to open the pores, which has the same effect.

2. Use the essence as a base before applying the mask

Use the essence as a base before applying the mask, which has a leading and strengthening effect. Rub the whitening serum before applying the Nureco mask, or take a moisturizing serum before applying the mask.

3. The bridge of the nose is the center, and the periphery should be attached

Apply the mask to the bridge of the nose as the center. Smooth the mask from the inside out and push out the air. The peripheral part must be close to the skin, otherwise it will be easy to turn up because the mask is dry.

4. Cover with a towel to heat up, the effect is better

Put the mask in the refrigerator to cool down or heat with hot water. If you are not careful, the nutrients in it will be destroyed. In fact, you can apply the mask and cover it with a dry towel to increase the airtightness and double the absorption. Don’t fall asleep after applying the mask. Be careful that the mask after evaporation of water is drier than your face. Not only is it not maintained, but all the water is sucked back!

5. Take off the mask paper and massage it

When applying the mask, there is a lot of essence left on the face after taking off the mask paper. At this time, in order for the skin to better absorb, you can massage the face to help the skin absorb more nutrients. If you don’t like it too sticky, you can wipe it with dry tissue for a while.

6. Apply lotion to lock in water and nutrients after applying to the face

Apply lotion in time after applying the mask at ordinary times. The purpose of this is to use the oil texture to form a protective film and lock in the nutrients that have just been absorbed by the skin.

7. Apply to the neck after applying to the face

The mask contains a lot of essence. The mask used up from the face can also be applied to the neck. This will not only not waste, but also reduce the skin tone gap between the face and neck.

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