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How to take care of dry skin at night?

1. For dry skin, the cleansing water temperature is low, about 30 degrees is appropriate, and soap that does not contain alkali is used.

night face care routine for dry skin

2. Hydration and maintenance of facial skin. Providing nutrients and moisture to the skin is an important material basis for keeping the skin healthy and delaying skin aging. Take a bath with steam often to replenish moisture. When washing your face and bathing, try to prolong the contact time between the skin and water.

3. Choose moisturizing cosmetics with more nutrients and oils to make the skin more moisturized and healthy. After washing your face in the morning, moisturize your skin with a cold cream and lotion, adjust your skin with an astringent lotion, apply enough nutritional night cream, and use enough lotion after washing your face in the evening. Nutritional lotion and nutritional cream. The ingredients used are roughly the same as those of the sebaceous film on the outermost layer of human skin.

How to apply the skin correctly?


Cleansing: First, use a facial cleanser to wash off dust and oil from the face. If it is dry skin, use it once at night. For oily skin, you can wash your face with a facial cleanser in the morning.


Mask: After cleansing, the mask is applied. There are many kinds of masks, including whitening masks and moisturizing masks. Choose according to your own needs. Don’t apply the mask for too long, 15 to 20 minutes.


Toner: After applying the mask, wash off the essence of the mask. Rub the toner, the function of the toner is to replenish water. Use a refreshing one in summer and a moisturizing one in winter.


Essence: Essence is very important, it belongs to giving your skin an extra supplement. There are anti-aging essence, whitening essence. Choose according to your needs.

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