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How to take care of a baby’s skin?

Apply a moisturizer.

daily baby skin care routine

Apply a moisturizer to a newborn all year round. After taking a shower and washing your face, you should also apply it actively to lock in moisture on the surface of the skin.

How to use baby skin care oil correctly?

1. Apply after bathing: After taking a bath, gently dry the baby, then apply an appropriate amount of emollient oil and massage until the skin absorbs.

2. Daily use: Babies’ skin needs to be constantly hydrated, so you can use emollient oil before changing diapers every day or before going to bed.

3. Facial use: When using emollient oil, avoid applying it to the baby’s face, because the facial skin is relatively thin and prone to adverse reactions such as allergies.

4. Hand and foot use: The hands and feet are the parts that the baby often touches the outside world and are easily affected by dryness, so you can apply emollient oil to these parts appropriately.

5. Avoid using too much: When using emollient oil, do not use too much, otherwise it will easily cause greasy, airtight skin and easy to breed bacteria.

What is the order of rubbing skin care things after the baby takes a bath?

You can wipe skin care products immediately after taking a shower. They are toners, lotions and the like for basic care. If so, you should try to apply skin care products after taking a shower, because just after taking a shower, the face still retains moisture. Applying skin care products in time can effectively lock in moisture.

List of must-have skin care products for newborns?

1 Includes: baby body wash, baby shampoo, baby moisturizer, baby hip cream, baby powder, baby wipes, etc. 2 These products are designed to meet the skin needs of newborns. Baby body wash and shampoo can gently cleanse the baby’s skin and hair without irritating the baby’s skin. Baby moisturizer and hip cream can protect baby’s skin from dryness and rash. Baby powder can absorb excess moisture and keep baby’s skin dry. Baby wipes are convenient for cleaning baby’s body and face.3 In addition, you can also consider adding baby massage oil, baby sunscreen, baby nail clippers and other products. Baby massage oil can promote baby’s blood circulation and skin development. Baby sunscreen can protect baby’s skin from ultraviolet rays. Baby nail clippers are convenient for trimming baby’s nails and preventing babies from scratching their own skin. In summary, including baby body wash, baby shampoo, baby moisturizer, baby hip cream, baby talcum powder, baby wipes, etc., these products can meet the skin needs of newborns and protect their skin health. In addition, other products can be added as needed, such as baby massage oil, baby sunscreen, baby nail clippers, etc.

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