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How to set up a background for the live stream of skin care products?

1. The live stream of skin care products needs to set up a professional, beautiful and in line with the brand perception of the background. 2. The reason is that the background of the live stream can directly affect consumers’ cognition and trust in the brand. A good background can make consumers trust the brand more and improve the sales conversion rate. 3. When setting up the background, you can consider using the main color and iconic elements of the brand, and at the same time add some decorations related to skin care products, such as flowers, cosmetics, etc. The background should be concise and clear, not too complicated, so as not to distract consumers. At the same time, the background should match the image and style of the live streaming host, creating a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

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Graduation makeup steps for large class children?

1. Tie up the hair, base and moisturize the skin

After washing the face, tie up the child’s hair so that the entire forehead and face are not covered by hair (girls). Boys can omit this step. After washing the face, apply children’s moisturizer to play a role in skin care and moisturization.

2. Apply foundation

If using foundation, squeeze out 1~ 2mL, point on the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, etc., and apply evenly. If it is a powder, you can use a puff or brush to apply evenly. Of course, children’s skin is generally very good. If there is no foundation or powder, this step can be omitted.

3. Modify the eyebrows

Children’s eyebrows are very sparse, and they should be properly modified, but not excessive (do not shave eyebrows and other modifications). Use the rough painting method, not too thick, and the left and right should be shorter, not too long.

4. Draw eyeshadow

The color of eyeshadow should be determined according to the child’s performance clothes (generally purple can be used, not smoky colors). You can paint it slightly thicker. The eyeliner can be exaggerated, and the corners of the eyes can be raised upwards. The boundaries are slightly blurred. It should not be too hard or sharp. It is better to add gold powder to improve the eyes.

Tips: At this time, let the children gently close their eyes and don’t be nervous. Many children close their eyes at this time, and their eyelids are wrinkled together, so they can’t apply makeup at all. So you need to relax them before applying eyeshadow and talk about other things to divert their attention. Then use an eyeshadow brush to dip one of the colors and brush the children’s upper eyelids.

2. How to draw forehead flowers for kindergarten children with stage makeup

Children are innocent, and children’s innocent beauty is also the most natural display. How to make makeup for children and how to draw stage makeup for kindergarten children? In fact, children’s stage makeup does not need to be too complicated, just give them a little color decoration is enough. In the past, it was ugly to paint the whole face red, but now the makeup pursues nature, and so is children’s makeup.


1. Apply a layer of skin care cream to the baby first, apply it evenly, and pat it lightly to let the skin absorb.

2. Then apply foundation. If it is foundation, squeeze a little into the palm of your hand first, and then gently pat it on the whole face with your middle finger and ring finger. Until finally even. The same is true for other foundations. You gently pat the whole face with a puff, and you pat it open with your middle finger pressing the foundation little by little to smudge it. The most important thing is whether the makeup is good or not, and the foundation must be evenly applied.

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