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How to set the step counting of the led bracelet?

1. After the bracelet is connected to the mobile phone, download and install the APP to open, and there is a step counting function.

primary care led weight management

2. The built-in acceleration sensor and algorithm of the bracelet are extremely delicate things. Generally speaking, when you get the bracelet set for the first time, you must fill in the information honestly and accurately! Including gender, height, weight, age, these slightly inaccurate will directly affect the data capture of the acceleration sensor, further affecting the algorithm calculation, resulting in inaccurate step counting, wrong distance data, and underaccuracy of calorie consumption, thus obtaining unsatisfactory data and affecting personal sports data.

Swing arm posture, stride length, body shape, flatness of the road surface, uphill and downhill can all affect the step counting value.

What does the Xiaomi scale show L mean?

The Xiaomi scale shows L, and the L here is the abbreviation of [LOW], which means that there is no electricity soon.

1. The Xiaomi electronic scale shows that L indicates that it is about to run out of power, and the battery needs to be replaced. First break the battery cover on the back of the electronic scale up, remove the battery cover, and then install four AA dry batteries. After installing the battery, buckle the battery cover. After installing the battery, turn it over to the front of the electronic scale and display 0.0, and then it can be used.

2. The Xiaomi scale adopts a hidden LED screen, warm white tempered glass and rounded corners, just like jade. The configuration adopts high-precision manganese steel sensors, and the perception accuracy is fine from the previous generation’s 100g to 50g. At the same time, it is also upgraded to low-energy Bluetooth 5.0.

3. Connect to the mobile phone faster and more stable. In addition, the body balance test function is also added. Users only need to stand on the scale with one foot and close their eyes to understand the strength of their balance ability. After applying more than 5kg of pressure to the product to wake up, you can also use the newly added weighing mode to weigh the minimum 100g still life.

Why is the body scale led hidden screen more expensive?

1. Body scale LED hidden screen is a little more expensive. 2. LED hidden screen has higher technical requirements and cost than ordinary display screen, so the price is relatively high. LED hidden screen requires the use of special materials and technologies to achieve transparent effect, while also requiring higher resolution and brightness, which all increase the manufacturing cost. 3. In addition, LED hidden screen is more fine and complex in design and requires higher process and technical level to achieve. It can provide better visual effect and user experience, so it has higher value and demand in the market. Therefore, the price of LED hidden screen will be slightly higher compared to ordinary display screen.

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