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How to set the score weight of the comprehensive scoring method?

According to:

management program weight

Article 24 of the Interim Measures for the Administration of Competitive Negotiated Procurement Methods for Government Procurement stipulates: The score setting in the evaluation criteria of the comprehensive scoring method shall correspond to the quantitative indicators of the evaluation factors. Evaluation criteria not specified in the consultation document shall not be used as the basis for evaluation.

The proportion of the price score of the goods item in the comprehensive scoring method to the total score (ie weight) is 30% to 60%, and the proportion of the price score of the service item to the total score (ie weight) is 10% to 30%.

If there are different procurement objects in the procurement project, the attributes of the project shall be determined by the procurement object that accounts for the highest proportion of the project funds. For items for which the total price cannot be calculated in advance due to reasons such as art procurement, patents, proprietary technology or the time and quantity of services cannot be determined in advance, the price shall not be listed as a scoring factor.

If there are special circumstances that need to set the price decentralization weight outside the scope of the above provisions, it shall be reviewed and approved by the financial department of the people’s government at the same level.

The price points in the comprehensive scoring method shall be calculated uniformly using the low price priority method, that is, the price of the supplier that meets the requirements of the consultation document and the final quotation is the negotiated benchmark price, and the

What is the meaning of weight in performance mangement?

Reprint the following information for reference Performance appraisal weight is the relative importance of the indicator (such as performance, skills, attitude, etc.) in the overall evaluation of a performance test. Weight Explanation The weight in the evaluation process The weight represents the quantitative allocation of the importance of different aspects of the evaluated object in the evaluation process, and the role of each evaluation factor in the overall evaluation is treated differently. In fact, an evaluation without emphasis is not an objective evaluation. For example, how to fill in the

weight generally?

The general filling of weights can be judged and calculated by dividing multiple levels of indicators. The commonly used methods include AHP, fuzzy method, fuzzy AHP, and expert evaluation method.

Price index weight table A – fixed value weight (the weight of the unadjusted part, such as the part other than the labor cost, steel, cement, etc. of the adjustable part); B1, B2, B3 – the variable value weight of each adjustable factor (the weight of each adjustable part, such as labor cost, steel, cement, etc., as shown in you) is the proportion of each adjustable factor in the total bid price.

F01, F02, F03 – The basic price index of each adjustable factor refers to the price index of each adjustable factor on the benchmark date; according to the above symbolic meaning, you can calculate the value according to the relevant data in your bid quotation and fill in the table. The price index generally refers to the floating coefficient.

is the number of percentage points that control the price to float as the basis for the bid quotation. The weight is the floating space. Generally, 5 to 9 floating coefficients are set up for the tender unit to be extracted from the single table at the time of bid opening. The extracted coefficient * The control price is the bid evaluation benchmark value. The closer the bid quotation is to the evaluation benchmark value, the higher the quotation score.

Weight refers to the importance of a certain factor or indicator relative to a certain thing. It is different from the general proportion. It reflects not only the percentage of a certain factor or indicator, but also emphasizes the relative importance of factors or indicators. It tends to contribute or importance.


A student’s final overall evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of a student’s usual grades, midterm exam grades, and final exam grades, but the proportion of these three grades in the final overall evaluation grades is different. If the usual grades account for 30%, the midterm exam grades account for 30%, and the final exam grades account for 40%, then the final overall evaluation = the usual grades * 0. 3 midterm exam grades * 0. 3 final exam grades * 0. 4.

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