Weight management

How to save space when traveling?

When traveling, try to save space. You can choose a folding suitcase, and put the clothes neatly into the box according to the stacking method. At the same time, the use of compression bags can compress the clothes into a smaller volume.

how to make my skin care routine portable

In addition, it is also important to choose multi-functional clothing and accessories. You can use a piece of clothing with multiple occasions, saving space without losing a sense of style.

In addition, try to use miniaturized cosmetics, skin care products and cleaning products, or choose portable all-in-one products.

There are also some convenient items such as inflatable neck pillows, folding water bottles, etc., which can be used when needed and can take up less space when not needed. This can make luggage more compact and save unnecessary trouble.

3 tips to make you finish your makeup on the subway?

It may be difficult to do it on the subway, but the following three tips can help you complete your makeup.

First, choose portable cosmetics such as foundation sticks, lipsticks, and eyeshadow pads, which can be easily carried and used.

Second, use a makeup sponge or fingertips to apply foundation and blush, which can reduce the need to use a brush.

Finally, use the windows or reflectors of the subway to check your makeup to make sure there are no omissions. Remember, try to choose simple makeup to save time and effort.

How to use the Seeking Light v Face Stick?

The use of the Adult Products Seeking Light v Face Stick is very simple. Because the Seeking Light v Face Stick adopts a lightweight and portable design, just hold the handle and slide it lightly on the face when using it. It is worth noting that the face needs to be cleaned before use and applied with the required skin care products. In addition, it is recommended to massage a few more times in the sliding direction for better results.

How to make your makeup home?

Step/Method 1

The first type is to buy a special storage box. There are various types of cosmetic storage boxes, you can choose according to the size of your dresser

Step/Method 2

The second type is to choose a cosmetic storage cabinet. If there are many cosmetics and the storage box is not enough, you should choose a storage cabinet

Step/Method 3

The third type is a portable storage bag. This is convenient for going out. Choose

Step/Method 4

The fourth type is to store it in the drawer of the dresser

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