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How to reset the Xiaomi scale?

If your Xiaomi scale has an abnormal situation, such as inaccurate display, you can try to reset it. Here is how to reset it:

reset weight management

1. Open the battery compartment of the Xiaomi scale.

2. Quickly take out the battery and put it back. Do this three times in a row.

3. Cover the battery compartment and wait for a few seconds.

4. With the Xiaomi scale completely turned off, press and hold the switch on the scale surface, insert the charging cable at the same time, and wait for at least 5 seconds.

5. Release the switch and the scale will restart.

If the problem still persists after reset, you can try to replace the battery or connect the scale to the app to check for updates, etc. If the problem still cannot be solved, it is recommended to contact Xiaomi after-sales customer service for help.

How to reset the Huawei Body Fat Scale?

1. After opening the Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale app, click the settings icon.

2. After entering the settings interface, click the option of My Device.

3. After entering, select the option of Facility Management.

4. After clicking, select the option to untie the device below the device.

5. After clicking, in the pop-up prompt, select the OK option.

6. After confirming, the main interface will display a prompt to bind the device. At this time, it means that the unbinding is successful

How to reset the Bluetooth of the Xiaomi scale?

Hello, to reset the Bluetooth connection of the Xiaomi scale, you can follow the steps below:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.

2. Open the Xiaomi scale and place it on a flat hard surface.

3. Open the Xiaomi Health App on the mobile phone and make sure you are logged in.

4. Click “My Device” or similar option in the App to find the connected Xiaomi scale.

5. In the Xiaomi scale device page, find “Untie Device” or similar option.

6. Click “Untie Device” to confirm the untie operation.

7. After unbinding is completed, re-connect the Xiaomi scale to the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone according to the steps on the manual.

Note: Resetting the Bluetooth connection will clear the previous connection record. After reconnecting, it may be necessary to reset personal information and preferences.

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