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How to remove blackheads with cleansing cream?

How to remove blackheads with cleansing mask

skin care routine to remove blackheads

First wet the face with water, then use facial cleanser to wash the dirt on the surface of the skin. After drying the water stains, apply a hot towel to the face for a few minutes to expand the pores, which will help to better remove blackheads. Then apply the cleansing mask to the face, first apply to the area with heavy blackheads, and then apply it to other places. After applying it all, apply it quietly for ten minutes, then wash off the cleansing mask on the face with warm water, dry the water after washing, apply a cold compress to the face with an ice towel, shrink the pores, and finally apply skin care products.

Cleaning mask shrinks pores after removing blackheads

Cleaning mask has the effect of expanding pores, so it can effectively clean up the dirt in the pores, and generally if you want to remove blackheads, you will apply a hot compress to expand the pores before applying the cleaning mask. Therefore, after using the cleaning mask, you should quickly apply a cold towel to your face or pat your face with cold water to shrink the pores to avoid enlarged pores.

Is it used after washing your face or before washing your face to remove blackheads?

Generally speaking, to remove blackheads, you can wash your face, and then you apply a hot towel to your nose for about 3 to 4 minutes, and then let your pores completely open, and then you can better remove all blackheads.

Generally speaking, after you apply hot to your nose, you can directly apply the blackhead sticker, and then when you remove blackheads, wash your nose with water, and then do follow-up skin care and pores shrinkage.

Wash your face first and then remove blackheads?

Before removing blackheads, you need to use a facial cleanser to clean them, and then perform blackhead removal work, so that you can get a deep cleanse. Blackheads on the nose are generally caused by strong sebaceous glands. Remember to wash your face carefully every day and take care of your skin regularly. When blackheads appear, do not squeeze them randomly, otherwise it will lead to enlarged pores.

The process of blackhead cleaning is a long one. In order to quickly clean blackheads, some people use their hands to backlog. In fact, this will not only not completely remove blackheads, but also leave scars, which will make the pores thicker and leave code pits for a long time. If there are many blackheads, it is recommended that you go to a beauty salon and ask a professional to clean them for you, so as to reduce the damage to the skin.

Some people think that you don’t need to clean your face before removing blackheads, but this is not the case. Blackheads do not exist on the surface, they stay in your skin. Only by cleaning your face in place can you start removing blackheads. It is recommended to apply a hot towel before removing blackheads, so that the pores are in an open state and it is better to clean the blackheads.

After removing blackheads, you must wash your face again, and then use products that shrink pores for skin care. Blackheads removal cannot be completely removed once or twice. You need to stick to long-term use of blackhead removal products. If there are too many blackheads on your nose, go to a beauty salon for cleaning.

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