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How to remedy if you haven’t washed your face for seven days?

First of all, you need to use a facial cleanser to deeply clean the greasy and dirty things on your face. You can wash them several times. Secondly, apply the mask again, and completely remove and wash them after fifteen minutes.

7 day skin care routine

You can apply toner and lotion again. The toner can be patted a few more times until the face cannot be absorbed. The lotion can also be evenly applied. Finally, apply moisturizer and sunscreen isolation.

What do you need to bring when you are hospitalized for a week?

Basic cleaning supplies (toothpaste, toothbrush, towels, water glasses) to buy their own toilet paper, mineral water (although the hospital provides hot water, but still have to prepare their own mineral water) to see the patient’s situation What necessities can you bring some snacks, magazines or something, the ward without TV is boring to see how to eat in the hospital, your own lunch box and tableware are necessary (the hospital only provides basic medical services, you can imagine the usual daily life links, your own appropriate amount of daily necessities, basic bedding hospital will provide, you can bring some according to the patient’s situation) Since you are sick, you must pay attention to nutritional supplements, eat some suitable fruits, according to your own needs

skin care process Correct order of use of skin care products?

1. Cleansing Because we have to face all kinds of pollution, dust and radiation every day, it is very important to cleanse our face,

2. Once a day in the morning and evening, the facial cleanser should not stay on the face for more than five minutes.

3. There are three types of lotion lotion: toner, firming water and softening water. Choose one according to your skin type. Generally, use toner, take an appropriate amount of toner, pour it on your fingertips and pat your face until it is absorbed by your skin.

4. Many friends who use eye cream ignore eye cream, or even have not used eye cream, because there is a misunderstanding of eye cream, thinking that you don’t need to use it before your age. This view is wrong. As long as you are over 18 years old, you can start using eye cream. After toner, take an appropriate amount of eye cream, apply it around the eyes, and gently massage until absorbed by the eyes.

5. Use serum. Serum is used after toner and before lotion. Serum is really important because water cream cannot penetrate the basal layer. The usage is the same as toner. Apply it to the face and pat it lightly until absorbed.

6. Use lotion for oily skin and moisturizing for dry skin. The lotion is also gently pat until it is fully absorbed by the skin.

7. When using a face cream, the face cream is generally used after the water milk, which has the effect of locking the water and locking the previous skin care products. This must be used, otherwise the effect done before will be reduced.

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