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How to release Pinduoduo cosmetics?


app to create a skin care routine

Publish on the mobile terminal Open the merchant version APP, click “Add Product” in the lower right corner – just upload the product title, product carousel, product classification, price and inventory, click the Create button – click “Show All” to edit more product details.


Publish on the computer to enter the merchant management platform and select Product Management – click Publish New Product – find the product category to create a product, fill in the basic information, and submit it for review – check the status of the submitted product in the product editing list, and re-edit if it fails.

How to upload the product link for skin care products?

1. First open WeChat on your mobile phone, find and open the link you want to share in the dialog box. Then click the “three dot icons” in the upper right corner and click “Share to Moments”.

2. After editing the desired link, click “Publish” in the upper right corner. At this time, you and your friends can open Moments to see the link.

1. First log in to your WeChat public platform, click on the material management, and you will see an option for product messages. Put the mouse on the sign below for 1 second and don’t move. At this time, the system will prompt to create a new single product or multiple products.

2, write the name, price and picture of the product, and then put the link in the product link!

3, if you don’t know where the link of the product is, you can log in to the handheld shopping micro-online store to find your own product and copy the link.

How to create your own cosmetic brand?

To create your own cosmetic brand through Gan Xieyun registration, you can follow the following steps:

1. Determine the brand name and logo: First, you need to determine the brand name and logo. The name should be concise and easy to remember, and the logo should conform to the brand perception and positioning.

2. Determine the target market and positioning: You need to determine the target market and positioning, understand the needs and preferences of target customers, as well as the situation of competitors, so as to formulate appropriate brand positioning and market strategies.

3. Research and development and production of products: According to the brand positioning and market strategy, research and development and production of products that meet customer needs, including cosmetics, skin care products, etc.

4. Registered Trademark and Brand Certification: In order to protect the brand name and logo, it is necessary to carry out trademark registration and brand certification to ensure the legitimacy and exclusivity of the brand.

5. Establish brand perception and publicity: Through advertising, publicity, promotion and other means, establish the image and popularity of the brand, attract the attention and recognition of target customers.

6. Establish sales channels and Customer relationship management: By establishing sales channels and Customer relationship management system, establish contact with target customers, provide quality services and products, and continuously optimize sales strategies.

It should be noted that creating a cosmetic brand requires certain capital, technology and management capabilities, and requires continuous learning and mastering of industry knowledge and skills. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to brand perception and product quality to gain consumer trust and support. It is recommended to conduct a full market survey and brand planning before creating a brand, and seek the help of professional brand consulting and marketing agencies.

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