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How to prevent a dog from getting sick?

Sometimes it is unavoidable for a dog to get sick, and sometimes it is completely avoidable. The health of a dog is not only related to the dog’s congenital breed and genetic factors, but also to the dog’s daily mood, feeding habits, growth environment, health care, etc. Here is an introduction to how to effectively prevent a dog from getting sick?

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How to effectively prevent a dog from getting sick?

1. Ensure that the dog is in a happy mood

First of all, give it a carefree, safe and healthy living environment. A good mood is very important for the dog’s health. Especially elderly dogs, will be very afraid of loneliness, will be more dependent on the owner, so the owner try to take a certain amount of time every day to play with the dog, soothe it, let it have a stable good mood.

2. Ensure the health of the dog’s teeth

Once the dog’s teeth go wrong, it will not only affect the oral health, but also easily cause complications such as kidneys and hearts, so pay attention to the dog’s dental health every day. Eat more dry food that helps eliminate tartar, avoid eating hard bones, etc. Feed high-quality dog food, give it a special toy to grind its teeth and clean up tartar. Conditional shit shoveling officers should brush their teeth once a week to remove plaque and tartar and avoid oral problems.

3. Provide a healthy diet for dogs. Daily diet should be regular

Healthy and regular daily eating habits can effectively avoid gastrointestinal diseases in dogs. Simply put, it is necessary to feed pet dogs regularly and quantitatively every day. Feeding dogs 80% full will not only benefit the dog’s body, but also maintain the dog’s enthusiasm for dog food and avoid picky eaters. And choose healthy foods to feed, such as dog food, etc. Of course, you can occasionally prepare some food yourself and make some nutritious dog food to feed pet dogs. But it is worth noting that snacks such as human leftovers, chocolate, grapes and other snacks and fruits should never be given to pet dogs.

4. Provide a comfortable and hygienic living and resting environment

To ensure that the dog’s living and resting environment is warm and comfortable, humid and cold environment can easily lead to dogs suffering from arthritis and other diseases, avoid strong light and noise infection, and rest quietly at night. Not only does the body need maintenance, but the brain also needs recuperation. Adequate sleep is a key factor in a dog’s longevity. In addition, regular cleaning and disinfection of the dog’s living environment and daily necessities can effectively prevent dogs from being infected with parasites, viruses, bacteria, etc. The daily odorless and actually non-toxic LW light and wind pet deodorant disinfectant containing high-efficiency disinfection grade ingredients certified by the US FDA can disinfect kennels, food bowls, and air in the dog’s living area, which can effectively eliminate viruses such as dog plague, microbes, and fungi, and inhibit the breeding of mites.

5. Pay attention to the comprehensive supplement of dog body nutrition in all periods:

Dogs need additional health products to help supplement and maintain their good nutritional status during different periods of growth. This is similar to our humans’ regular oil maintenance for cars. It is recommended that daily nutrition and health care can be fed two to three times a week with Guden Nutrition Cream to supplement dietary deficiencies. Puppies and elderly dogs can supplement some calcium tablets appropriately. For dogs prone to constipation, diarrhea and other problems in the stomach, you can feed some Guden probiotics to help regulate the stomach.

6. Proper outdoor exercise every day

Proper outdoor exercise for dogs, on the one hand, can improve their body’s metabolic ability, on the other hand, outdoor sun exposure and breathing fresh air are good for dogs to improve their body’s absorption of vitamins and calcium. It can also increase the dog’s physical flexibility and reduce accidental injuries.

7. Pay attention to vision health

According to statistics, more than 40 dog breeds are prone to eye diseases such as cataract and glaucoma. In the late stage of cataract, the eyeball will be covered with a cataract, while in the late stage of glaucoma, the pupil cannot shrink under strong light, which is very painful. Eye diseases bring inconvenience and even danger to its life, so attention should be paid to prevention and avoidance. Avoid strong light where the dog sleeps and lives. Daily attention should be paid to the dog’s diet not to be too oily or salty. You can wipe the dog’s face with warm water every day to avoid tears. Let the dog drink more water every day to avoid getting angry.

8. Pay attention to the health of the reproductive system

In particular, parents should be reminded that some parents who do not allow their dog to use the toilet at home only take their dog out to the toilet once a day. Long-term letting the dog hold back urine can cause stones and other diseases. For those who insist on not letting the dog urinate in the house, they should go out 2 to 3 times a day. If you find that it has difficulty urinating or pain, you should seek medical attention immediately.

9. Regular physical examination, vaccines, deworming

It is necessary to regularly bathe the dog and take the dog to the hospital for physical examination to keep the body clean and healthy. Regular comprehensive physical examination, pay close attention to its liver, kidney function and other indicators. Get vaccinated on time, about half a month earlier than the previous year. Especially the resistance of elderly dogs has declined. Once they are infected, the consequences will be unimaginable. Check your weight regularly, and be vigilant for sudden weight loss and continuous weight loss. Go to the animal hospital to find out the cause.

10. Pay attention to some health signals

such as changes in food intake, changes in water intake, the number of times you urinate, the color and shape of your stool, your mental state, eye droppings, etc. Don’t scold your dog for starting to urinate or poop at home. Observe and understand if your dog is feeling unwell.

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