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How to prepare your own cosmetic water?

Formulation of your own cosmetic water:

how to use rosewater in skin care routine


– Purified water or distilled water: As a base water, it is used to dilute and prepare other ingredients.

– Flower water or plant extracts: You can choose your favorite flower water, such as rose water, orange blossom water, etc., or use plant extracts, such as green tea extract, witch hazel extract, etc., according to different needs.

– Moisturizers: such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, etc., help keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.

– Preservatives (optional): In order to prolong the shelf life of cosmetic water, some natural preservatives can be added, such as phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, etc.


1. Prepare clean containers and tools to ensure hygiene.

2. According to the formula ratio, pour purified water or distilled water into the container as the base water.

3. Add an appropriate amount of flower water or plant extract and adjust the ratio according to personal preference and needs.

4. Add an appropriate amount of moisturizer and adjust the ratio according to personal skin type and needs.

5. ( Optional) If necessary, add an appropriate amount of preservative and add it according to the instructions for use of the preservative.

6. Cover the container tightly, shake well and mix to ensure that the various ingredients are fully mixed.

7. Pour the prepared cosmetic water into a spray bottle or other container for easy use.

It should be noted that when preparing the cosmetic water by yourself, you should choose high-quality raw materials and ensure the hygiene and safety of the preparation process. In addition, everyone’s skin type and needs are different, and the formula can be adjusted and improved according to your own situation. If you don’t know much about the formula and ingredients, it is recommended to consult a professional or buy the cosmetic water that has been prepared.

How to use rose hydrosol?

1. Daily skin care use:

In daily skin care, use rose hydrosol instead of toner. After cleansing, apply rose hydrosol evenly on the face and gently massage the skin with your hands. After the skin absorbs, you can use essence, lotion, cream and eye cream in turn.

2. Use of moisturizing spray:

Pour rose hydrosol into a clean spray bottle. If you feel that the skin is dehydrated, spray it on the face to replenish moisture for the skin in time.

3. Use as a mask:

Pour an appropriate amount of rose hydrosol into a clean mask bowl, then soak the compressed mask in it for 2 to 3 minutes and take it out, stick it on the face and apply it for about 10 minutes to remove.

4. Use for first aid skin care:

Pour rose hydrosol on a cotton pad, then apply it wet on sensitive and damaged skin, apply it for about five minutes to remove, which can relieve tired skin.

5. Use as a solvent for skin care products:

When making a mud mask (such as Qizibai mask) or other skin care products, you can add it to replace purified water.

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