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How to measure what skin type you have?

Measuring your own skin type can help you choose skin care products that suit your skin and develop a more effective skin care regimen. Here are some common ways to test your skin type:

dermatologist skin care routine quiz

1. Watch for oil secretion: After washing your face, observe whether your facial skin appears oily within a few hours. If the face is prone to oil, it may be oily skin; if only part of the area is oily, it may be combination skin; if there is no or little oil, it may be dry skin.

2. Moisturizing degree of touching skin: Gently touch your facial skin with your fingers. If you feel dry and tight skin, it may be dry skin; if you feel soft and smooth skin, it may be normal skin; if you are greasy and uncomfortable after touching, it may be oily or combination skin.

3. Check the size of pores: Observe the pores around your nose and forehead. If the pores are enlarged, it may be oily or combination skin; if the pores are almost invisible, it may be dry or normal skin.

4. Observe the sensitivity of the face: Pay attention to whether it is prone to allergic reactions such as redness, swelling, itching, and peeling. If the face is more sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, it may be sensitive skin.

5. Ask a professional: If the above methods cannot accurately judge your skin type, you can consult a professional dermatologist or beautician, who can give accurate skin type judgment and suggestions by observing and evaluating your skin condition.

It should be noted that the skin type test can only be used as a reference, and everyone’s skin type may be affected by factors such as environment, season, and health status. Therefore, it is a more reliable method to observe and adjust the skin care plan in time, and make skin type judgment and skin care product selection according to the actual situation.

How to check the skin care products on the face?

Check through the ingredient list because each skin care product will have a clear ingredient list, we only need to find the ingredient list on the packaging or website of the skin care product, and then check the function and characteristics of each ingredient, you can understand the efficacy and scope of application of this skin care product to the skin. If you are not familiar with some ingredients, you can consult a professional dermatologist or nutritionist to more accurately determine whether this skin care product is suitable for your skin. In addition, some cosmetic brands also provide “electronic ingredient list” services, which can be checked by entering the product name or scanning the product barcode, which greatly facilitates the use of consumers.

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