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How to measure the weight of Huawei bracelet?

Measurement method 1: Open the Huawei Sports Health App, click the “Weight” card on the homepage, click “Measure”, and follow the prompts on the app interface to measure on the scale.

weight management bracelet

Measurement method 2: Open the Huawei Sports Health App, click “Device”, find the connected body fat scale, click to enter the device details page, click “Start Measurement”, and measure according to the prompts on the app interface. Hope to help you!

How to change the weight of the Xiaomi bracelet?

To change the weight on the Mi Band, first open the Mi Band’s APP, and then enter the profile page. Find the option of weight in the profile page. After clicking to enter, you can see the current set weight.

Next, you can click the edit button, enter the new weight data, and save the changes. The Mi Band will automatically synchronize the new weight data, and use the new weight for calculation and analysis in future sports records. It should be noted that after changing the weight, make sure that the connection between the bracelet and the APP is normal, so as to update the data correctly.

How is the weight of the Mi Band 8 measured?

Hello, the weight of the Mi Band 8 is measured by the weight sensor. The user needs to wear the bracelet on the wrist, then select the “Weight” function, select “Start Measurement” on the bracelet, and then straighten the arm and bring the bracelet close to the body so that it is as close to the skin as possible. The bracelet will automatically measure the weight and display the result on the bracelet screen. It should be noted that the bracelet 8 can only measure the weight of the human body, not the weight of objects.

How to count the steps of the smart bracelet?

Method and steps


First of all, wear the bracelet on the 2-inch Neiguan point on the wrist stripe. Note that the interface of the bracelet is facing your side, and don’t wear it upside down. Walking naturally in this way, you can record various data.


To test the heart rate, you need to stand still, hold your chest and abdomen, relax your whole body, lift your arms and stay parallel to your chest, and keep your posture unchanged. You can see that the bracelet interface is constantly changing. The date, time, distance walked, number of steps, and finally heart rate and blood oxygen rate are displayed on it.


After using it for a long time, you need to charge the bracelet. As long as the two copper sheets on the back of the bracelet body correspond to the two copper buckles on the charger, you can connect it to the 5V charging head for charging. The charging head of the mobile phone is also OK.

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