Weight management

How to measure the scale?

Step 1: Install the APP

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Smart scales are generally connected to mobile phones. Most of them need to install the corresponding APP, or connect to Bluetooth, register an account of your own, and then fill in personal information, such as age, gender, height, weight, etc.

Step 2: Charge or install batteries

After installing the APP and filling in your personal information, we take out the smart scale to see if it is charged or battery installed. If it is charged, charge it first. If it is battery installed, buy a few batteries according to the model and install them.

Step 3: Turn it on

After charging or installing the battery, it can be turned on. Generally, there are several ways to turn it on:

1. Press the button to turn it on

Some scales will have a special button to turn it on, usually the SET key to turn it on.

2. Pressure boot

Place the scale flat on a flat and solid ground, gently press the scale surface with your foot (force greater than 5kg), then turn it on and return to zero, and then weigh it on the scale.

3. AUTO-ON boot

People directly get on the scale, and the scale will automatically turn on and weigh.

Step 4: Test

If you just want to test your weight, you can directly put it on the scale. If you want to test other physical indicators, you must first fill in your own personal parameters. The smart scale will analyze your body fat weight and other indicators according to some personal parameters you have entered in advance, plus your weight.

Step 5: How to measure more accurately

The data error measured by the resistance resistance method used by the smart scale will be relatively large. For example, just after taking a shower, just after eating, and just after exercising, you will get different data.

The best way to get accurate data is to measure it at a fixed time every day, such as before going to bed after exercise, and look at the trend of long-term data to judge the physical condition and fitness effect of Ziji.

Warm reminder

The method of use in this article is only for most smart scales, and not all smart scales are used according to this method. It is recommended that you read the instruction manual of the smart scale you bought.

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