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How to make your own skin cream for aloe vera?

Homemade aloe vera moisturizer: prepare 250g of aloe vera leaves, 1 cucumber, 1 egg, flour and sugar.

aloe vera plant skin care routine

1. Wash the aloe vera leaves and cucumber and break them up separately, and take the juice with gauze;

2. Beat the eggs into a bowl, then put in a small spoon of aloe vera juice, 3 small spoons of cucumber juice; 2 small spoons of granulated sugar and stir well to mix;

3. Add about 5 small spoons of flour or oat flour and make a paste;

4. Apply the moisturizer evenly on the whole face, then, close the eyes and mouth to keep the facial muscles still. After about 40-50 minutes, wash your face with warm water. Adhere to it 1-2 times a week.

How can self-raised aloe vera be used for skin care?

Home-raised aloe vera plants can be used for skin care. Aloe vera is rich in moisturizing factors and nutrients, which can repair damaged skin, moisturize and moisturize. It is a very effective skin care product, which can not only improve skin texture, but also relieve skin problems. When using home-raised aloe vera for skin care, you can peel off the epidermis of aloe vera leaves, directly remove the transparent glue inside and apply it to the face (you can also use a juicer to extract it into gravy). It is recommended to clean the face before going to bed and then use it, which can accelerate the repair and absorption of the skin. Note that it should not be used in large quantities. You need to be careful about allergies. It is recommended to conduct a skin test or consult a professional first.

How to prepare skin care products for growing aloe vera at home?

1. The practice of aloe vera mask

The aloe vera mask will have a very powerful moisturizing and skin care effect. The method is to remove the aloe vera leaves and juice them, and then juice the cucumber. Prepare the egg white of an egg, add it to the mixture of aloe vera juice and cucumber juice, add flour and brown sugar at the same time, stir and apply it to the face for 20 minutes.

2. The method of aloe vera lotion

It can be made into lotion to replenish water and moisturize the skin. The method is to wash the fresh aloe vera, tie it into aloe vera juice and put it in a sealed container. You can add some antibacterial agents to prevent the growth of bacteria, and then refrigerate it for 24 hours, then take it out and use it after cleansing.

3. The method of aloe vera lipstick

Prepare about 250 grams of aloe vera leaves, a cucumber and an egg, a little flour and brown sugar, juice the aloe vera and cucumber first, then filter out its broken powder or, beat the eggs and stir, add flour to make a paste, and wait for it to solidify before applying to the lips.

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