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How to make Laowang Peanut Smoothie?

Ingredients: 150g peanuts, 1 tablespoon of big red beans, 10 cups of water, 400g of rock sugar, an appropriate amount of ice, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar water

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How to make

1. Wash the peanuts, soak them in cold water for about 4 hours, then cook them over high heat with 5 cups of water until they come to a boil, turn the heat to low and continue to cook for about 1.5 hours, add 200g of rock sugar to taste and cook until completely melted and slowly honey into the peanuts (about 15 minutes more). Then turn off the heat and remove them to cool.

2. Wash the big red beans, soak them in cold water for about 4 hours, then boil them over high heat with 5 cups of water until they come to a boil, turn down the heat and continue to cook for about 1 and a half hours, add 200g of rock sugar to taste and cook until they are completely melted and slowly put the honey into the big red beans. Then turn off the heat and pick them up until they are cold. Honey beans.

3. Take an appropriate amount of ice and arrange a plate, put the peanuts of method 1 and the honey beans of method 2, and finally drizzle with black sugar water. What drinks can Qingwang make?

Qingwang grape is a sweet and juicy grape variety, which is very suitable for making various drinks. Here are several common Qingwang grape drinks:

1. Qingwang Grape Juice: Peel and remove seeds from Qingwang grapes. Squeeze the grape juice with a blender or juicer. You can add an appropriate amount of water to dilute it according to the taste. Drink a cup of fresh Qingwang grape juice to enjoy its rich fruity aroma and sweetness.

2. Qingwang Grape Smoothie: Add Qingwang grape juice to ice cubes and an appropriate amount of pulp, put it in a blender and smash it to make a smoothie. The taste is cool and refreshing, and it is a good choice to cool off the heat in summer.

3. Qingwang Grape Green Tea: Adding Qingwang grape juice to green tea can prepare a unique grape green tea. The fragrance of tea and the sweetness of grapes are integrated with each other, and the taste is refreshing and pleasant.

4. Qingwang Grape Sparkling Drink: Mix Qingwang grape juice with soda or soda, add an appropriate amount of ice cubes, and make a sparkling drink. The taste is interesting and appetizing, and it is suitable for pairing with meals.

These are just a few simple examples of Qingwang grape drinks. You can also create more variations according to your personal taste, such as adding lemon juice, mint leaves or other fruits to make your favorite drink. Remember to add sugar or other sweeteners as needed.

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