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How to make Komori Life Chocolate Cat Food?

1. Production method

diamond care weight management cat food

Cat food includes fish ham, cat pudding, dried small fish, etc. The materials for making fish meat ham include fish meat * 1 flour * 1 eggs * 1, the materials for making cat pudding are milk * 1 flour * 2 carrot * 2, and the materials for making dried small fish are a crucian carp.

In addition to being made in the kitchen, cat food can also be purchased directly in the mall at the cost of bricks and stones.

To make fish and ham, you need to upgrade the kitchen to level 3 first, then consume 1 egg 1 bag of flour 1 piece of fish, and then spend 460 golden shells to make fish and ham, a cat food.

After the kitchen is upgraded to level 4, you can consume 1 bottle of milk 2 bags of flour 2 carrots, and spend 460 golden shells to make cat pudding.

2. How to obtain materials

Fish can be obtained by fishing at fishing spots; flour can be obtained by planting wheat; eggs can be obtained by hunting in Chaohui Forest, or by raising a chicken and laying eggs; milk can be obtained by breeding in pastures; carrot can also be obtained by planting.

Finally, it should be noted that after successfully obtaining cat food, the cat food should be placed in the cat bowl before it can be fed to the cat.

How to draw cards for Cat War?

Hello, the method of drawing cards for Cat War is as follows: 1. Open the game and enter the homepage; 2. Click the “Wonderful Card” button below to open the card interface; 3. In the card interface, select the way to draw the card. You can choose to draw the card with a single cat food draw or a ten-even cat food draw, or you can use a cat coupon or a cat diamond to draw the card; 4. Click the corresponding card draw button to draw, and you will get the corresponding card or other rewards after success; 5. Note that each card draw needs to consume a certain amount of cat food or cat coupons or cat diamonds. It is recommended to choose and distribute according to your own needs.

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