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How to make an appointment with Harper’s Bazaar?

How to make an appointment with Harper’s Bazaar depends on the specific service or activity you want to make an appointment for. Here are several common ways to make an appointment:

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1. Harper’s Bazaar Magazine Reservation: You can make a reservation through the magazine subscription page on the Harper’s official website. You can choose the paper version or the electronic version, and fill in information such as personal information and mailing address.

2. Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Service Reservation: Harper’s Bazaar has its own beauty center. You can make an appointment for beauty services through the official website or by phone, etc., and choose the corresponding item and service time.

<p Fashion Bazaar Event Registration: Fashion Bazaar regularly holds fashion events, brand launches and other activities, and publishes notices and opens registration on the official website or social media.

In short, different appointment service methods and processes are different. It is recommended to obtain specific appointment information and processes on the official website of Fashion Bazaar, official Weibo, official official account and other channels, or directly contact the Client Server Center of Fashion Bazaar for help.

What are the correct steps for applying color makeup?

The correct steps for makeup can be divided into the following parts:

1. Cleansing and Moisturizing: Before applying makeup, first clean and moisturize the facial skin. Use a cleansing product that suits your skin type, gently cleanse the face, and then use a moisturizing lotion or cream to keep the skin hydrated.

2. Preparation Before Applying Makeup: Using makeup primer products, such as barrier cream or pre-makeup lotion, can fill pores and reduce fine lines, and lay a good foundation for subsequent makeup. If necessary, you can also use concealer to cover blemishes on the face.

3. Applying Makeup: Use foundation or foundation cream first, and apply it evenly on the face. Pay attention to choosing products that are similar in color to your skin tone. Use a sponge or foundation brush to push it away evenly. Then use concealer to cover the parts of the face that need to be retouched, such as dark circles, acne, etc. Then use loose powder or honey powder to set the makeup to make the makeup last longer.

4. Eye Makeup: Use eye primer products first to make the eyeshadow more developed and long-lasting. Then choose the eyeshadow color according to your personal preference, gradually blur from light to dark, and apply the color to the eye sockets and eyelids with an eyeshadow brush. Use eyeliner or liquid to outline the eyeliner, and then apply mascara to the eyelashes to make them thick and curled.

5. Blush and Grooming: Use a blush that suits your skin tone and apply it to your smiling muscles to increase the three-dimensional feel of your face. If you wish to adjust the contours of your face, you can use grooming products, hit the darker products under your cheekbones or on both sides of your chin, and then use a brush to blur and make it natural.

6. Lip Makeup: Use lip primer products first to make the lip color last longer. Then use lip liner to outline the lip line, and then use lipstick or lip gloss to fill the lips. You can choose the right color and texture according to your personal preference.

Finally, remember to use setting spray to set your makeup to make the whole makeup last longer. The makeup steps can be adjusted according to personal needs and preferences, with the focus on doing a good job of skin care and choosing the makeup products that suit you.

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