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Like human skin care steps, the first step is always cleaning. When dust stays on the surface of furniture, it will rub against it, and if it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause certain damage. In order to remove the surface of furniture from airborne pollutants, cooking fumes, stains rubbed by children at home, and traces accidentally rubbed when using furniture, we recommend using a special furniture cleaner. This solvent can also help remove excess wax, which is wiped off together without any other adverse reactions.


After cleaning, the next skin care link is to officially hydrate and moisturize the skin. We need to choose the right skin care products that suit us, and the same is true for furniture. Customized furniture should be maintained with professional furniture care essential oils. Essential oils can effectively protect the surface of the board, prevent the aging and cracking of the furniture cover, and maintain its luster.


After cleaning and moisturizing, it is natural to firmly lock in the supplementary nutrients and resist the external bacteria and dust. Therefore, we can properly apply a layer of wax to the furniture to form a protective film for the furniture and prolong its service life. However, this step is different from human skin care. Isolation in skin care needs to be used every day, but furniture waxing only needs to be done once a quarter under normal circumstances. Excessive waxing will harm the product and make the coating gray.


Just like people use sunscreens with skin care products, they still need to use umbrellas for physical sunscreen. Furniture also needs to control the damage of the external environment to it. In humid cities like the south, you need to pay special attention to the moisture content parameters of furniture. Buy furniture according to the ambient humidity marked on the reference manual. You can also use air conditioners or dehumidifiers to dehumidify the room on weekdays.

Home life is not just about buying furniture and putting it there. If you want to prolong the service life of furniture, daily careful maintenance is essential.

Have you remembered all these furniture maintenance knowledge?

All products of the elderly?

The elderly products are clothing, and functional clothing such as warmth/knee pads/sports is the rigid demand of the middle-aged and elderly. You can see that in the hot search terms of clothing, sports suits/thermal underwear/woolen coats/jackets are relatively high in proportion.

In the hot search terms of nutrition products, milk powder/protein powder/calcium tablets are relatively hot searches. In daily necessities, elderly machines/hearing aids/radios/scooters are hot search terms. On the brand, Nestle/Anyi/Atulijian are hot search terms and have a high status in the hearts of consumers.

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