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How to lock water on the face?

Skin moisturizing has always been the top priority of beauty for beautiful women in the office, especially in winter, they always have to fight against the harsh environment to protect water molecules.

The cold wind on the road is a powerful killer that takes away moisture from the face, and the air conditioner and computer in the office also absorb the moisture from your skin little by little, raising the drought alarm. What moisturizing concept has been popular recently and what new moisturizing products have been launched are the first weapons that office moisturizers have mastered. In addition, it is better to ask for others than to ask for themselves. Professional women who do not have much time to go to beauty salons may wish to pay more attention and make a self-made moisturizing SPA at home to make your face “tap water”. A fruit for lunch, a cup of lemon tea in the afternoon, and a thick mask before going to bed will surround you with water all the time. New concept of moisturizing water lock Some famous skin care brands have launched the concept of locking water and moisturizing, such as using unique plant extracts to activate the moisture resources deep in the skin, transporting more moisture from the dermis layer to the surface of the skin, and locking moisture to the surface of the skin at the same time. The most fashionable beauty method of SPA is to fully nourish and relax and relieve while hydrating and moisturizing. Beautiful women may wish to use their leisure time to do everything from facial cleanser, massage cream, toner to moisturizing mask, and can also experience the essence of facial moisturizing SPA. Homemade hydration ● Eye SPA: Use the eye mask after refrigerating in the refrigerator to help eliminate puffiness and eye bags. Apply it for 15 minutes and then remove it. Press the acupuncture points around the eyes in sequence from the middle to both sides to soothe blood circulation. ● Facial SPA: Before applying the moisturizing serum, gently cover the face with a towel soaked in warm water, and gently press the towel down with your fingers to make the towel stick to the face and eye skin, and let the hot air stay for about 30 seconds to promote blood circulation on the face. Then use massage cream, moisturizing serum, moisturizing lotion and nourishing curd in turn. ● Lip SPA: Turn out the lip balm, cut off a few pieces and apply it to the lips to fix with plastic wrap, and apply a hot towel to the lips for about 20 minutes to save extremely dry lips. Beauty’s three tricks during work hours 1. Drink more herbal tea: If you really feel that drinking white water is tasteless, it is recommended to drink wheat tea, herbal tea or make a slice of fresh lemon – jasmine, rose, lavender and Bodhi are all good things to moisturize the skin. 2. Put a small fish tank on the table: Put a basin of water or green plants on the table. If you don’t think the washbasin looks good, a small fish tank is a good idea. 3. Homemade paper mask: It is too extravagant to apply a moisturizing mask to your face every day. You can pour alcohol-free makeup water on the paper mask and stick it on your face for 10 minutes during your lunch break, and it will take effect immediately. Off-duty time 1. Use moisturizing products to “wipe the wall”: Office workers can apply two or three layers of thick moisturizing lotion to their face at night. Don’t be afraid of too much. Just treat it as “plastering the wall”, which can keep moisture in the stratum corneum and prevent too much loss. 2. Apply a moisturizing mask when taking a bath: Apply a moisturizing mask when taking a shower. Under the action of steam, the ingredients in the mask are more easily absorbed quickly. 3. Internal replenishment beauty meals: Eat more collagen-rich beauty meals, such as meat skins, pig trotters, beef tendons, fresh fish, etc. Don’t make your skin dry and dull in order to lose weight. Expert tips Winter hydration is the most concerned issue for women in the office, but 85% of skin care products on the market say they can moisturize, making it impossible to choose. Experts answer some questions raised by women. Expert: Women should not simply lock winter beauty in moisturizing and moisturizing. In fact, this is also the best time for whitening, nourishing and anti-aging. Because the moisturizing water-locking factor can introduce the essence of other skin care products into the basal layer of the skin at a constant rate during the process of penetrating the skin, so when choosing moisturizing skin care products, you can also pay attention to other effects of the product. Q: Is it enough to apply moisturizing lotion to skin moisturizing? Expert: Of course not. Beauty moisturizing is to be done layer by layer. It is best to choose a mild cleansing milk when washing your face, otherwise the moisture will be taken away in the first step, and a massage cream should be used regularly. It is recommended to use moisturizing serum for moisturizing in winter. Because its molecular volume is smaller than that of lotion, it can penetrate under the stratum corneum. Apply the essence first and then the lotion, which can prolong the time when the water is evaporated. Q: In an air-conditioned room, it is useless to use any brand of skin care products, and the skin will dry soon. Expert: It is very simple, just use a lot and keep replenishing, especially on dry areas. You need to prepare a bottle of moisturizing spray or moisturizing mask. The former replenishes water at any time, and the latter can quickly moisturize when you have important appointments or events after get off work.

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