Weight management

How to go to a hospital to file?

To go to a hospital to file, you can follow the steps below:

icd 10 code for weight management medical mutual

1. Choose a hospital: First, determine the hospital you want to file. Choose a hospital you trust or a hospital that is convenient from your place of residence.

2. Contact to make an appointment: After choosing a hospital, you can contact the relevant department of the hospital, such as the outpatient department or the medical office, to inquire about the specific steps of filing and the materials that need to be prepared.

3. Prepare personal materials: Usually, filing needs to provide some personal information and documents, including ID documents (such as ID card, passport, etc.), household registration book, social security card, past medical records and inspection reports, etc. Make sure you prepare these materials in advance.

4. Arrive at the hospital: According to the appointment time and place, go to the relevant department of the hospital. It may be necessary to fill in some forms or make some necessary registrations.

5. Establish medical file: At the hospital, the staff will collect your personal information and the documents provided to establish it as your medical file. They may also perform some basic health assessments, measure height and weight, etc.

6. Supplementary information: According to the requirements of the hospital, you may need to provide some additional materials, such as CDs of imaging examinations, laboratory results, etc.

How to eliminate the memory function of the scale?

1. Turn off the power

2. [Zero] [→] Turn on (do not let go) —Memoryclear? [Clear] —Pleasewait The scale will automatically restart

IV. The parameter settings of the user function

1.141 settings

141 contains settings from SPEC000 to SPEC268. For example, to set the SPEC024 item to 16, follow the following steps:

[Zero] 141—24 × —16— [Print] — [Item] — (Save) 141 Settings List

Item Code Setting Value Description

SPEC04 Barcode Format F1F2CCCXXCD

SPEC11 Barcode Right Data: Price

SPEC2416 Tag Format: F1

SPEC492 Ethernet (Twisted Pair)

SPEC501 Server/Workstation

SPEC1271 Print Check Bits

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