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How to get the multi-scale trait of the fast dragon?


catch weight management functionality is applicable for


Get the Monte mini dragon. We know that the fast dragon evolved from the second stage of the mini dragon. And multiple scales belong to the dream trait, so we need to get a dream trait mini dragon with magical scales first.


Upgrade the level of the mini dragon to the first stage of evolution. At this time, after becoming a hackron, the trait is still a magic scale.


Complete the final evolution. When the level of the hackron is raised to level 55, the last stage of evolution will be carried out. Become a fast dragon, at this time the characteristics become multiple scales. In this way we get a fast dragon with multiple scales characteristics.

Where to brush the Russian fishing 4 hand rod proficiency?

Russian fishing 4 hand rod proficiency can be obtained by using hand rod fishing. Familiarity can be improved by catching fish, completing tasks, and catching fish weight.

Players can gain higher proficiency by using hand rod fishing in different waters, such as in rivers, lakes, and ponds. In addition, they can also gain higher proficiency by participating in hand rod fishing competitions.

Animals that give strength?

Eagles, this high-flying animal is a symbol of strength, and there is a reason for it. They have powerful feet and sharp claws, and can catch prey four times their weight.

Their prey includes animals much larger than themselves, such as foxes, deer, and hares. How they maintain their slender figure is still a mystery.

Eagles are distributed on every continent on earth except Antarctica. There are eagles in deserts, jungles, swamps, forests, mountains, and seaside. All eagles hunt by day and rest at night. Wild eagles live about twenty years, and domesticated eagles can live forty years.

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