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How to get a plump figure?

To get a plump figure, you can try the following methods: 1. Dietary adjustments: Increase the intake of high-protein, high-calorie foods, such as nuts, meat, fish, etc., to help increase muscle mass and weight. 2. Fitness exercises: Carry out gravity training, focusing on the chest, buttocks, and thighs and other parts to increase muscle mass and volume. 3. Avoid excessive aerobic exercise: Aerobic exercise can reduce fat, so it is necessary to control the time and intensity of aerobic exercise in moderation to avoid burning too much fat and causing too thin figure. 4. Perform local shaping: Help shape a plump curve through targeted local exercises, such as hip lifts, chest exercises, squats, etc. 5. Good sleep and rest: Insufficient sleep and excessive fatigue can affect the recovery and development of the body. Ensuring adequate sleep and proper rest can also help to have a plump figure. It should be noted that everyone’s physical characteristics and genetics are different, so no matter what, you should respect your body and do not blindly pursue a plump figure and ignore health. It is best to consult a professional, such as a fitness trainer or nutritionist, to develop a fitness plan that suits your individual situation.

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Plump figure standard?

The ideal healthy weight for everyone in the age group of 20-30 years should be: (height -70) × 0. 6, if your height is 162 cm – 70 = 92, 92 × 0. 6 = 55. 2 kg. This is the standard healthy weight. The slim figure pursued by beautiful women should be measured by cosmetic weight, that is, subtract 4.5 kg on the basis of the ideal healthy weight.

3. Bust circumference

For the age group of 20-30 years old, the size of the chest circumference should be measured by the height. Bust circumference Technologies height × 0. 53, if your height = 162 cm, the chest circumference Technologies 162 × 0. 53 Technologies 85 cm.

4. Hip circumference

For the age group of 20-30 years old, the standard hip circumference Technologies height × 0. 54, if you are 162 cm tall, the hip circumference Technologies 162 × 0. 54 Technologies 87.5 cm.

5. Waist circumference

20-30 years old Standard waist circumference = height × 0. 37. If you are 162 cm tall, standard waist circumference = 162 × 0. 37 Technologies 61 cm.

What kind of swimsuit to wear with a plump upper body?

If you have plump breasts, usually need to use a bra above C cup, or weigh more than 50KG, then it is usually better to choose a swimsuit with wide shoulder straps than a bikini, because wide shoulder straps can play a good lifting role on your plump breasts and make you feel more comfortable.

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