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How to find the full path of a webpage?

The full path of a webpage refers to the full address of the location of the webpage file. Enter the URL address in the browser address bar to access the webpage. The URL address includes components such as protocol, host name, port number, path, and parameters. The path is a sequence of names of all directories that need to be passed through to access the file, generally separated by a slash “/”.

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In the browser, you can right-click and select “Check Elements”, and you can find the full path of the current webpage in the developer tools.

In the server, you can use the file manager or FTP tool to enter the website directory structure, find the location of the corresponding webpage file, and copy and paste the path.

EXCEL How to undo the name of an entire column of cells?

Delete one or more names

1. On the “Formulas” tab, in the “Defined Names” group, click “Name Manager”.

2. In the “Name Manager” dialog box, click the name you want to change.

3. Select one or more names by doing one of the following: (1) To select a name, click the name. ( 2) To select multiple names within a contiguous group, click and drag those names, or hold down Shift to click each name within the group (3) To select multiple names within a non-contiguous group, hold down Ctrl to click each name within the group. (4) Click “Delete”. You can also press Delete. (5) Click “OK” to confirm deletion. Note The “Close” button only closes the “Name Manager” dialog box. There is no need to submit changes that have been made. Syntax rules for names: Below is a list of syntax rules to be aware of when creating and editing names. 1. The first character in a valid character name must be a letter, underscore (_), or backslash (\). The remaining characters in a name can be letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. Note: The letters “C”, “c”, “R”, or “r” cannot be used as defined names because when two of these letters are entered in the “Name” or “Positioning” text box, they are used as a shorthand notation for the currently selected cell selection row or column 2. Disallowed cell reference names cannot be the same as cell references (e.g. Z100 dollars or R1C1). 3. Invalid Spaces Spaces are not allowed. Please use underscores (_) and periods (.) as word separators, e.g. Sales_Tax or First. Quarter.

4. Name Length A name can contain up to 255 characters.

5. Case-sensitive names can contain both uppercase and lowercase letters. Excel does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase characters in names. For example, if you create the name Sales and then another name SALES in the same workbook, Excel will prompt you to choose a unique name.

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